Adding More Content to the Website…

I decided to include the video clips taken of my time spent with my two donkeys, Jack and Jill. While I am NOT a video expert, nor even the one taking the videos, spending time and training my donkeys IS a big part of my life. Going back through all the clips taken of the donkeys over the last year or so is an incredibly tedious process but I wanted a specific place to document the progress we’ve made. I am now so much more comfortable in working with the donks and they have learned so much in their time living with us.

An on this day, my custom frames have arrived for the giclees I had printed of Jack taken a few weeks ago. Thanks to my dear hubby for immediately framing and hanging them! I love them from both a photography sense and, of course, the content! Since Jack and Jill are two of my favorite subjects to photograph, I thought it best to show how far we’ve come working, training, living together.

This is one of the photos recently framed. I love it!


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