Self Portrait

So the first theme for the 52 Frames weekly photo challenge group is “self portrait”. Hmm…??? I have no problem with the mechanics of shooting a self portrait. And, I have no embarrassment in being photographed. My challenge is… How do I make it “different”?

I’ve seen tutorials on how to make a composite of a face with hands covering the face then blended together so that is what I did. I didn’t follow the tutorial exactly but I did learn a few keyboard shortcuts (and those are ALWAYS helpful!) Will it be “different”? Maybe? Will it be considered “creative”? Again, maybe? But the shot was taken and submitted so no worries until next week’s theme is announced. I do like these weekly theme photo challenges; they help me shoot things I might not otherwise shoot. And for that by itself, they keep me inspired to try new things.


Yeah, I re-submitted my photo for this week’s theme. Maybe this submission is a bit more predictable? Hmm?? Regardless, I LOVE my new hat! I don’t wear hats very often; I need to remember to wear them! We went out today enjoying the beautiful 50 degree day reflecting on the close of 2016 and anticipating the coming year. New Year’s resolutions discussed. Hopefully everyone will stick to their specific resolutions but we know how those end-of-the-year promises can be difficult to remember come spring!

My New Year’s resolution… I want to be more “myself”! I want to spend more time involved in creative endeavors. I want to be less worried about everyone else’s schedule so that I remember to take time for myself to actively pursue my goals. One way I plan on doing this, I am ditching the dye and embracing my gray hair! (This may be connected to be new love for hats? LOL!) Seriously, I want to worry less about my appearance and/or age and focus more on being who I am. Wish me luck in this resolution!


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