Rule Of Thirds

The “rule of thirds” states that the main subject should intersect one of the cross points in a tic-tac-toe pattern to draw the viewers eye to exactly what you want them to see. The goal, or point, is in framing your composition of your photo.

So, I did a quick and easy shot and used a filter to make my subject “dreamy”. I really like this effect even though it may not be considered true photography? Photo done, right?


Well, it could be until I decided to go out and check the barn animals. We are having a cold snap here with zero degree temps (and below!) Fortunately, we installed infrared heaters above the stalls in the barn and out in the chicken coop. This warms skin but not the air. I can always tell how cold the animals really are depending on how close they are related to the heaters.

Out with me come the dogs. Now they LOVE the snow… running, plowing their faces through drifts, and chasing each other! Just seeing their joy takes the edge off the bitter chill in the air. So, capturing a few shots of the dogs, something I love to do, was just a fun way to spend a very cold afternoon. While I took shots of all the dogs, there is nothing quite like a puppy playing in the snow with abandon to make one smile…


Puppy Pixel LOVED playing in the snow with the big dogs! I didn’t know I captured this shot until I came back inside and looked at it on my computer. Pixel, who always goes “out to the barn” with us has developed the habit of waiting just outside the gate while the other dogs race to the outer fence to secure the perimeter. You just never know if a bunny might even think of trespassing on their yard! Pixel, knowing after the big dogs do this, they come back to me, sits in wait for their return. I truly think she is confused at why they are running to the fence? Standing just behind her, sitting and waiting for the big dogs to return, I shot this…


Now, while it isn’t an “action” shot, having the puppy sit still like this is a rare occurrence! It also depicts the “rule of thirds”. Maybe THIS is the shot I should submit for this week’s theme? Hmm??

Out at the barn and all the animals have food, water, and don’t appear to be too cold. Whew! Both of the donkeys are in their stall as are the goats. All fed and watered and as I was leaving, I turned back to look through the stall door. Jack is watching me. He appears to want to come to me but I know how much he dislikes the snow. Finally, he puts just his head outside the stall door (I have the top half of the stall doors closed to keep out snow and wind). From there, I shoot. The snow is falling all around me as Jack just watches what I’m doing. He is probably thinking I’m crazy to be standing in the falling snow? LOL! Jack eventually decides to come to me to investigate. I give him a treat and rub his head. I didn’t call him to me but he came anyways! He always amazes me!!


Now comes the decision what photo to submit for the weekly theme? Hmm?? Although Jack isn’t moving in this shot, his spirit moves me. I love the falling snow all around him too. I’m tempted to submit this photo but am still undecided. Asking family members their opinion was no help. Everyone picked a different photo for different reasons. It just goes to show that what I see when I take the shot may not be what the viewer sees when looking at the photo later. This is something I need to keep in mind! And… there might be people who just don’t like donkeys? No, I can’t imagine that either!

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