Leading Lines

Leading Lines, in photography, are elements that draw the viewers eye to the subject (preferably following the “rule of thirds” in the composition). The photographer can use any item in the shot to pull the viewer to the subject. As far as a “theme”, I find this difficult to do… when specifically asked to do it! Hmm… I don’t know why exactly? But in the spirit of submitting a photo, off I went to “get the shot”.

Of course I didn’t have to look far to get a photo of Leading Lines. I looked out my front door, essentially.


While this qualifies for the theme, I feel it lacks a subject? Or maybe I just drive this road too often and that other viewers might be more pulled into this shot?

So I looked at what I love to shoot (animals) and felt sure I would get a “good” shot with them. Jack never disappoints; I LOVE this shot!


Unfortunately, I hate to shoot Jack (or Jill) head on. They always look “heavy” when in fact, they are not. It is just their donkey bodies on those slim legs that make them seem out of proportion.

Off to try again on a beautiful, blue sky, Colorado day in January to find something interesting. I found myself along the Poudre Trail with several other people; joggers and folks out walking their dogs. I had hoped to catch reflections in the river of the nearby trees. Interesting shot but just not “right”.


And as I was leaving for the day, I took my last shot of the bridge I crossed to get to the path. Tweaked a bit come editing time and THIS is the shot I will submit.


I found this quote and it just seemed to fit this shot. “Until you cross the bridge of your insecurities, you can’t begin to explore your possibilities.” –Tim Fargo. I don’t know about insecurities nor possibilities but I certainly enjoyed exploring this day in search of my themed shot. And by that measure, this makes today a great day!

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