Complementary Colors

Complementary Colors, in photography, refers to opposite colors on the color wheel used to balance a photo. It is the epitome of “opposites attract” or colors that the viewer will find pleasing. An example of the color wheel and opposite colors, in their very basic shades, would look like this:


Finding opposite colors isn’t very hard to do but I generally prefer more color in my photos especially in February when it is fairly gray, cold and devoid of color where I live. But with this mission in mind to shoot an image representing “complementary colors”, off I went in search of a pleasing representation to submit. Taking my cue from nature and not minding in the least a chance to fill a vase with color, I purchased a bouquet of Iris’.


I love the pale yellow background that coincides with the pale yellow centers of each flower stem. Even my old vase has hints of purple in it. I like this shot very much; almost enough to have it printed. Each stem of this delicate flower seems so out of place in the cold month of February which is probably why I like this photo and arrangement so much?

As each stem opened up, these flowers were even more stunning! Sadly, this bouquet of cut flowers didn’t last long but I enjoyed them immensely; their short life was even more valuable to me. This image was shot on February 2, Groundhog day. Apparently the groundhog DID see his shadow so this predicts six more weeks of winter? Regardless of predictions, my bouquet of Iris’ scream of spring and future blooms in my yard.


And then this morning, I decided to shoot a still life photo of something I had been wanting to set up for quite some time now. I actually got the inspiration to do this shot from an ad on how to melt a wine bottle to make it a serving tray for… yep, wine and cheese! I don’t have a kiln which was needed to heat the wine bottle to the appropriate temperature to melt the bottle but I loved the finished product! Maybe, someday, I’ll follow up with the DIY wine and cheese plate but for now, I was content to use a different cheese board and set up something similar. And in the end, I had a delicious lunch besides. Again, well worth the effort to set up and shoot this “still life” focusing on the red grapes and green in the cheese knife and garnish. And…  I got to eat my shot afterwards. YUM!! 


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