Religion is a tough theme. It is one of those subjects where people have very strong feelings about their particular beliefs. It is right up there with politics and child-rearing! People tend be very opinionated about these three topics and when discussed, it is very likely someone will become offended. I believe religion is a personally subjective theme. Now how to depict “religion” in general without offending anyone nor over-emphasizing my beliefs through photography? Hmm…??


I used this weeks theme to drive 35 miles to the Colorado-Wyoming border to a little ghost town called Virginia Dale. There, right on the highway, is a very small community church. Established in 1880, this church still offers services every 2nd and 4th Sundays of the month. Next to this church is a small cemetery with ancient markers. Parking on the dirt parking lot, the stillness in the air was palpable. There definitely was a feeling of calm standing there looking out at the rolling hills of Virginia Dale. After “getting the shot”, I walked through the cemetery and read the markers. While I didn’t know anyone buried here, it was definitely a peaceful final resting spot.


Back on the road heading home, I thought about this little town and how most pass by this church with hardly a glance. If you blink, you would miss it. While “religion” may be hard for me to express through photography, the peacefulness of this spot will stay with me and remind me, there are places where the past will not be forgotten.


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