Patterns In Nature

In our often hectic lifestyles, it may be easy to overlook patterns in nature that surround us. Little details that make one marvel at the beauty of nature can be missed if one doesn’t take the time to notice even the smallest of things. As I searched for a good subject to shoot to portray this theme, I was disappointed by the sudden snow storm that clouded the sky and dumped about 2″ of that white fluffy stuff all around me. It wasn’t until I looked closer that I saw, through the snow, these tiny crocus flowers pushing their way through the snow reaching towards the sun.


The snow quickly melted and out came the sun. This sudden burst of moisture will help other spring flowers make their way through the earth to appear in their own time. 

Inside, I was enjoying a bouquet of cut daffodils. Sadly, their blooms were short lived and besides, I enjoy them much more outside in the spring air then I do in a vase. While I could have photographed them in their prime, I was a day late; the blooms had already started to wither. Regardless, I shot them anyways and loved the intricate, delicate lines in each flower petal. Even as their freshness faded, their beauty remained.


Still not sure what photo I wanted to submit for this week’s theme, I felt the perfect shot would find me when I least expected it. Out in the chicken coop, I was taking photos of my remaining hens. Unfortunately, we have a predator that has been attacking our chickens and to protect them, we needed to figure out how they were now vulnerable to all who favor “chicken dinners”? I was taking photos of “my ladies” to compare with my written list of what hens I still had. Once I downloaded my shots, I knew I had found my “pattern in nature” shot. 

My Silver Laced Wyandotte hen had survived our latest predator attack. She was a bit annoyed to have her photo taken when all she wanted to do was roost for the night. While she may lay a rather boring plain brown egg, she more then makes up for this with her outstanding natural beauty. I am very thankful she wasn’t one of the hens we lost!


So, this is the shot I submitted for this week’s theme. The detail in her feathers creating the “pattern” is quite lovely indeed! Because I see her as one of many, it was only in this individual shot that I could appreciate her natural beauty and yes, pattern of her feathers. 

As for our predator problem… we are taking advanced precautions to hopefully thwart any more predator attacks? The ladies depend on our efforts to keep them safe. In exchange, they reward us with the most delicious, farm-fresh eggs. It is a relationship I can’t imagine living without!


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