High Key

High key, in photography, refers to having a predominance of light or bright tones in an image. It is often used in product photography and often thought as “feminine”. Any number of shots can be high key… framing a subject against a white background, shooting a predominantly white subject, or turning a photo into black and white. High key photography is often used in portraiture which helps the person in the photo “stand out” against the background.

I knew the shot I was going to take early in the week but had fun playing around with other shots too. As spring seems to have sprung where I live, many of the bulbs are emerging. Crocus’ are the first flowering bulbs with daffodils not far behind. And as the daffodils are just beginning to bloom, you can watch as the tulips are pushing themselves through the soil as if to say, “don’t leave us behind”. These early signs of spring along with the budding leaves on the trees is indeed a sure sign spring has sprung.


But even though spring is my favorite season of the year, the photo I shot for “high key” was none other then our new kitten, Mizu. Mizu is a seal  bi-colored Rag Doll kitten who hardly ever sits still. Well, unless she is sleeping, of course! I knew I wanted to capture Mizu’s playful personality as well as her vivid blue eyes.

Set on a background of off-white and with added lights to compensate for the poor lighting in the room, I began trying to capture that mischievous kitten personality. It didn’t take long for her to focus, absolutely still, on the toy I was using to keep her attention. And as hoped, those big blue eyes stole the show.


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