The theme for the photo group this week is “abandoned”. I love this theme as there are many “abandoned” barns and buildings all around where I live. I can’t help but wonder the stories these old barns and outbuildings could tell from days gone by? Now in disrepair, they remain against the backdrop of new homes, condos and businesses that are built around these old structures. Sometimes, the old buildings and barns are incorporated into new communities to create a new, old, feeling surrounding the subdivision. One can sit and drink coffee at a new business and wonder what life was like on this “farm” many years ago? Ahh… progress takes over.

Although not feeling well, I went out on one of the few rainy days we have to “get the shot”. One shot and home again to edit my “abandoned” farmhouse and outbuildings. I took out the cars that pass this abandoned farmhouse on a major road not far from home. And yet, these buildings remain amongst all the new development. The raindrops captured in this shot remind me of tears of a forgotten life on this farm.


“Abandoned” also makes me think of years gone by. I recently found a cherished teddy bear my daughter took from my son when she was 3 or 4 years old. She decided she wanted the bear and carried it everywhere like young children will do. Teddy is well worn from years of being the favorite toy and then “abandoned” as she grew up and move on to other interests.


Although no longer wanted by my daughter, I saved this bear because of all the memories I have of this toy from retrieving him from the mouths of dogs who thought he was their toy to play with; to making sure my daughter had this bear at bedtime so she could fall asleep; or finding it left out in the yard by mistake when some new interest came along and teddy was forgotten. I remember how the nose became worn and the many times this toy has been through the washer. Old and forgotten, this bear means the world to me. Memories of when my children were small and how this toy comforted them when they were upset remind me of a time long past. Now this toy comforts me. Old is new again with thoughts of life yet to be lived. Maybe, someday, my daughter will want this teddy bear again and remember all the moments in her life she shared with this toy? I hope this is what happens and maybe this teddy will once again comfort a small child in the same way he did when he was brand new.

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