New Beginnings…

Learning Word Press was like learning/creating a whole new web site! Daunting to arrange the foundation on how I wanted my “page” to look. Then, it was a tedious process of copying/pasting my previous blog entries into Word Press. Lastly, linking my Word Press page to my photo web site. So why did I do this?

I wanted the functionality that Word Press provides while still maintaining my photo web site’s organization. If the photo web site has provided more functionality, I would not have needed to do this but alas, it is what it is.

This “new beginning” is both exciting and daunting. This effort is much like the time and effort it took to create a new display at Walnut Creek in FoCo. I love being a vendor at Walnut Creek displaying my photography but I also greatly enjoy being a curator of exceptional home decor.

Besides my photography, I have many items from a time past that are for sale. These items may be vintage or re-purposed items that are once again loved by those looking for a simpler time. As one of many vendors at Walnut Creek, the entire store is filled with unique items displayed by very creative people! Home-made soaps, sugar scrubs, unique jewelry along with refinished furniture can be found at Walnut Creek, FoCo. The eclectic mix of handicrafts and vintage goods is such a change from the mass-produced items found at big box stores! These one-of-a-kind items are unique to what is found everywhere else. It is that uniqueness that inspires me!


Besides the plethora of items for sale by the many vendors located in Walnut Creek, FoCo, it is the people I enjoy also. Located in the heart of Old Town, Fort Collins, customers are friendly, inquisitive folks looking for unique items to decorate their homes. The owners of Walnut Creek never cease to amaze me by their knowledge and helpfulness both to the vendors in the store and to the customers who frequent Walnut Creek. And the creative talent of the other vendors is inspiring to my own creative efforts. It is just a fun place “to be”!


Many thanks also go to my husband, Mark, who shares in my endeavors to bring unique items to my display. Recently, Mark built a new display to not only display my photography but to also give me a space for my other items. Much like learning a new web site/blog, my space in Walnut Creek is just a tiny speck of a much bigger picture. But it is my space to display items that I hope others enjoy and want to bring into their homes. Regardless of sales, this space is mine to create and provide those looking for unique items a place they can call home.


Walnut Creek FoCo is located at 222 Walnut Street in Fort Collins, Colorado. If you are in the neighborhood, stop on by! I am sure you will enjoy your visit!

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