Week 22: Photo Edited By Another

Participating in a photo group is a lot of fun! Besides having a theme/reason to pull out my camera and take a photo at least once every week, it becomes an exercise in consistency. To consistently shoot and submit a photo for this group every week, that exercise carries over in all other aspects of my life to be “consistent”. Practice doesn’t make “perfect”; it brings out “consistency”!

This week, the theme was to hand over the photo taken by one photographer to be edited by someone other then the original photographer. I so enjoyed being the “editor” of other people’s photos but there was a nagging feeling of self-doubt that how “I” saw their photo may not be how they intended their photo to be seen? Fortunately, the photos I edited were in sharp focus and the creative license I took was appreciated by these photographers.













This was perhaps my all-time favorite theme for this group! Not only being the editor of someone’s photo but in seeing how someone else saw my photo that was sent to be edited.


It is interesting how someone else viewed my shot and how they chose to edit it. I wouldn’t have increased the yellow in the green stems nor would I have put a halo around the bee in this shot. I do think my editor thought the bee was the subject?

Edited by another.jpg

My latest goal in photography is to “take better photos”! One way I am trying to accomplish this goal is to shoot better in camera. I use the grid in my viewfinder to make sure my horizons are level before I click the shutter. And while I can always crop later, I’m working on lining up my subject(s) on the Rule of Third line in-camera. If my photo is better composed from the beginning, it makes it easier to edit later to adjust colors, light, etc.


Editing this shot, I took out the curly, bright stem that I felt was a distraction to the overall image. I sharpened the bee although that really wasn’t my focus point; the inside of the tiny flower buds was my focus. Brightening and sharpening the bee immediately gave my image complementary colors. I love the softness of all the flower heads except the one I have in sharp focus.

Do I like this photo enough to have it printed? Hmm, maybe? It reminds me of simpler things that often go unnoticed. A bee collecting pollen, one of many flowers swaying in the breeze, a sign spring has sprung. Perhaps this is why I like this photo so much? With the blooming of these simple flowers, spring is well on its way with many more flowers to bloom throughout the summer months. These flowers help me focus on the future and what is yet to be… freshly mowed grass, laughter of children playing outside, barbecues and watching the sunsets. They are a sign of new beginnings; of a new season of life, love, and the opportunity for many more photos. I’m so excited; I can’t wait!

4 comments on “Week 22: Photo Edited By Another

  1. Looking at the different edits, I agree, the bee should not be the focal point in that last shot, the flower buds are really beautiful.
    I really enjoyed this post. I’m an amateur photographer who literally takes a dozen or more shots a day. I too am trying to take better photos, ones that I can work with and edit. You did a great job of making these shots more interesting in ways that I would not have thought of. This was a fun read and I learned a couple things. Thanks much!

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    • This was a different theme for me! The most interesting thing I learned was how to use drop box to send/receive RAW files to edit! LOL! I had someone else “sign up” for me to edit their photo but I had asked that they do NOT wait until the last moment! When they notified me their shot was ready to be edited… late Saturday afternoon, I politely declined to do the edit (everyone has the same amount of time and my weekends are precious to me!) Drawing this boundary was empowering to me. By not “just do it”, I kept myself from feeling resentful and the other photog found someone else who wanted to do last minute edits! Win-win!

      I would like to invite you to join “52 Frames” (http://52frames.com)! It is a weekly photo group centered around a specific theme. Besides shooting a photo that matches the theme, folks are asked to critique other photos (politely) to help not only the photog become better but also to help the person doing the critique to see things from another’s point of view. Most importantly, this group ensures I take a focused (pun intended) shot every week!

      Regardless of “my” shot, I love seeing other parts of the world through this group! I think you would like it 🙂

      P.S. The group is on FB although the creator would like to move it to an independant web site. Hasn’t happened yet. Photos are submitted any time during that week and the “album” of photos are published on Monday. There is a private group where questions can be asked; there is often a thread about the upcoming theme. If you join, and it is free, please introduce yourself to the “community” in this private group! And if you are like me, you can then blog about your thought process in creating your shot 🙂

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      • Hi! I now understand better what you meant in your post about having fun in a group project etc. I am not a focused (pun intended) photographer at all, I am more of an opportunistic photographer. I think spending a little more time preparing a shot or editing would be a great exercise for me. I went to 52frames.com and it looks like a great challenge! My facebook account has been deactivated for a couple of years now, but if I need it reactivated, I can do that easily. I also have a dropbox account.

        I think maybe if I do this I should wait until Monday so I’ll have a week to prepare. I must admit, this is a little intimidating, but I think I’m going to do it! It might be just what I need to advance to the next level. I’ll let you know or post something about it. I think it’s a great idea and I really appreciate your suggestion about me getting involved. Thanks!

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      • Yeah! Can’t wait until you jump on board!! BTW, you only need the drop box for that particular theme where you are sending someone else your shot. Otherwise, you upload your photo any time during the week through the submit page; all of the photos for that week’s theme are published at one time on Monday on their FB group/site.

        Once you sign up for the group, even before you may actually submit a photo, you will get an email detailing that week’s theme. Also, the themes for the following weeks if you REALLY want to be “prepared 😉 (This week’s theme is “think”. There are a LOT of ideas given if you want to reproduce a given idea or you can come up with something on your own. I frequently google images for the theme to see what others may have done.) Definintely introduce yourself on the private group page; great group of folks in this group!

        I, personally, like to do my shot on Tue or Wed (mainly bc I hate to procrastinate!) That said, I had a tough time this week coming up with a “good” shot. I submitted this morning (deadline is Sunday midnight eastern time; 10 p.m. my time.) Besides keeping me focused on shooting a “good” shot, I’ve been so inspired by what other’s see related to the theme! Don’t be intimidated!! Everyone is learning at the level they are at… there are professional photogs as well as amateurs in the group. The main point of the group is… It is about YOUR journey; not anyone else’s! Good for you to give it a try!! 🙂


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