Tazo, the Wonder Dog

Every year, we load up all of our dogs and take them to the annual health clinic held at a local vets office organized by a friend in a different breed. We shuffle dogs back and forth to the car, opened for ventilation, making sure each dog has had the appropriate testing and all the paperwork has been returned to be sent off to the officiating registry. It really is a fairly chaotic few hours but I’m thankful this clinic is held annually to ascertain each of my dogs are “healthy”.

Up first are eye exams. Each dog needs to have drops instilled in their eyes for them to dilate in order for the veterinarian ophthalmologist to be able to exam all aspect of their eyes. The eye docs always say they can diagnose a multiple of other diseases through the eyes of a dog. This year, all of my dogs “passed” their eye exams but one of them was found to have petical hemmorhages. The eye doctor explained this could be a simple indication of hypertension in this dog or it could be a symptom of a larger problem? I was advised to have this dog seen by my regular vet.


Since it was time for his annual exam anyways, Tazo had a full panel of testing done as part of his Senior Wellness package. As his blood work results came back, I was notified at how far off the values were from “normal”. Tazo is scheduled to have an ultrasound done of his abdomen, kidneys, and other internal organs. At this time, he will also have chest x-rays done.

Tazo is ten years old; a life measured in the many moments and events he accompanied my family and I through our journey of life. As I look at him now, he is old. He follows me from room to room and can be found sleeping at my feet in whatever room I am in. He perks up when I go outside perhaps anticipating a retrieving game or the chance to chase wayward bunnies? And then, back inside, he lies down for another nap.


Tazo begs terribly but only from me. I am blamed for giving him tidbits from the table whenever I am eating. Those big brown eyes are so hard to resist and really, I am only giving him a small morsel. He has trained me to share with him; my family laughs at me for having conditioned him to be such a mooch. I don’t really mind Tazo’s begging; it is a behavior I’ve trained.

Dogs - 266.jpg

Tazo loves to swim and hike. He loves to do whatever we do. What Tazo does not like is to be excluded from his people so… he isn’t. He truly is a member of our family.


As I wait for the day of his scheduled ultrasound/x-ray appointment, I find it hard to breathe worrying about the potential results. I know I shouldn’t assume the worse but I also know he is an old dog. In the meantime, I will just love him and perhaps sneak a tidbit or two under the table. It makes him so happy!

3 comments on “Tazo, the Wonder Dog

  1. All of your work is just beautiful! The first picture of Tazo and the picture of Doodle running (hiking shot) are about the best dog shots ever! What a beautiful hike that one with Doodle must of been. I take pictures of my dogs every single day, but yours are on a whole different level. I’m still working on it though! .
    I hope Tazo’s results were OK and he still has plenty of time with you and your family. He looks like such a sweet dog 🙂

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    • Re: Tazo… Thrilled he has no mass (thinking cancer here) on his spleen or lymph nodes. He was negative for tick born diseases and lepto. Basically, he is in the early stages of renal failure 😦 That said, he is now on meds that will hopefully slow the progression of the disease? Crossing fingers!!

      Re: photography…THANK YOU! The hike was up in Snowy Range, WY in July. This area is like a mini Tetons with many mountains/glaciers! The wild flowers in July are phenomenal! They bloom for just a short period of time due to the snow melt and then, they are gone!

      Taking photos of dogs, my best advice would be to increase you shutter speed to 1/1000. You will stop the action/eliminate the blur. Focus on the eyes/head. If you are shooting in auto setting, use “sport mode”; it will do the same thing 🙂 Like you, my dogs are one of my favorite subjects to shoot! LOTS of photos of Tazo lately but I will post some soon of taking the dogs swimming!

      Thanks again! You are too kind!! 🙂

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      • Well, good and bad news on Tazo, but glad to hear cancer was ruled out, hopefully the renal failure is manageable.
        I thank you for the tips! I very seldom shoot with faster shutter speeds, so I’m anxious to see what kind of differences that makes. I use a Canon DSLR, usually in shutter priority mode, so playing around with faster speeds will be interesting. Keep up the good work and looking forward to seeing the doggie swim shots!

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