Don’t Accept Defeat

Inspiring words to always remember! THANKS SKYLARITY!!


Do not accept defeat!

Once you accept defeat, it is easier to be defeated. Once you accept losing, it is easier to lose. 

Defeat is a distraction that is designed to keep you from becoming the best version of you. When you focus on the pain that is often associated with defeat, it begins to control your life and define every facet of your existence. 

It is important to keep in mind that there is a difference between experiencing defeat and seeing yourself as defeated. Because you suffered a loss does not mean that you are a failure. Not overcoming an obstacle simply means that a goal you were working toward did not materialize as you had imagined. A process or step did not work out because the right strategy has not yet been adopted, which suggests that you should keep adjusting and experimenting with various corrective actions until you accomplish your goal. 

Do not…

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