Another Thing I do

I think I’m like many other people with a wide variety of interests and talents. I love photography participating in a weekly photo group which has increased my skills and awareness in how I shoot my photos. More then learning new skills, this group has expanded my awareness of how other people enjoy creativity in what they shoot. That is, probably, my most favorite thing about being in an online group… seeing other people’s interpretation of themes and what the themes meant to them.

I run a small hobby farm which takes up most of my time. I love my flowers, vegetables, and the animals I care for on a daily basis. To be able to “connect” and “communicate” with another species is a gift. It is this communication I most value. To be able to hear those without a voice or the ability to speak MY language is what I most enjoy in caring for my animals.

And I’m a vendor at a local artisan shop which features so much creativity, my mind could just expolode! Here, vendors sell sugar scrubs, felted soaps, beaded jewelry, along with many unique, one-of-a-kind items that have been refinished, re-purposed, to be re-sold. If you ever are “in the neighborhood”, stop by at Walnut Creek (222 Walnut Street Fort Collins, CO) for a chance to see so much creativity all in one place!

For my part, I sell my photography usually as limited prints in ready-to-hang mounting for any space in the home or office. My latest photo printed is a 20″ x 30″ single-focal-point flower printed on metal with rounded corners. The gray-green blurred background lends to a restful, peaceful image perfect for the dining or bedroom. I also curate unique items in the “home decor” category. These items are things I would display in my own home (and often do). As the saying goes, “one person’s unwanted items are someone else’s special treasures”!


My latest achievement is… I’ve learned how to make GIF’s and MP4’s! Hooray! And I’ve found great music to go with my photography/MP4. So, along with the many new items currently updating my space at Walnut Creek, I’ve created this vid showcasing just some of my newest items. I hope you enjoy the vid and music and… Please subscribe to my YouTube channel! With enough subscribers, I can get rid of that awful URL into something much more creative! Thanks in advance for reading, watching the vid and subscribing!

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