Good Morning!

The first frost saddens me. It means the end of flowers, herbs, fresh tomatoes and… Summer! But for the last few years, I’ve started looking forward to the first frost. While I dislike the end of “summer”, frost means the end of “fly season”! I HATE how the flies pester the donkeys and how the donkeys HATE being sprayed with fly spray. No matter what I do to try to mitigate flies, I live behind a dairy; flies are a fact of life.

And if flies pestering the donkeys weren’t bad enough, cold weather makes those flies hover near doors trying to get inside into the warmth of the house. Swatting flies becomes an every day past time to rid those disease-carrying pests from anywhere inside the house!

The real issue I have with frost, though, is how it marks the passage of time. Time is spent putting away shorts and sandals, for me anyways, and bringing out sweaters, scarves, and boots! Soon, the holiday season will be upon us and while a joyous time for most, it does mark the end of another year.

One must take one day at a time though and relish in what each season brings. This morning, it brings the first day of frost! The cold air hangs heavy over the fields as the sun rises and a new day begins.


Capturing this day, I prefer to think of the sunrise as a day of new beginnings. Even with the heavy mist hanging over the land, the sun greets the day as the shadows are banished. And I think of all I can do on this given day. I will make someone smile today. I will connect with someone and really talk to them. And I will spend a few extra minutes being kind to myself. It is in this time I give myself that I will be able to give more to others. And so this day is not just the passing of time, it is a gift of light to be cherished; a blessing of a new day to be enjoyed.


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