Mornings. That quiet lull that quickly turns into chaos well, at least in our household!

I wake up around 5 a.m. because of pain. It’s not severe pain; just an achy feeling all over. Or maybe I wake up because I hear my son in the kitchen making his “first breakfast”? I hear the refrigerator door open and the the cupboard door creak. And I think… Is it too early to “get up”? What time did I go to bed last night?

As I contemplate if it is too early to get up, hubby pops out of bed with a start. He says he slept through his alarm? Should I tell him no alarm went off? I know this because I’ve been awake for quite some time. I’m lying in bed awake just waiting for the coffee pot to turn on (it is set to turn on at 6:00).

Now there is a flurry of activity… Hubby is in the shower and shaving seemingly at the same time. With a “click” the coffee pot turns on and beans start to grind. I can’t wait for that first cup of coffee! As I find my cup, hubby places his “to go” cup next to mine to be filled. He’s busy heating up “bird food” to feed the parrots. He takes extra time to sprinkle a bit of seed mix over their warmed food as a special treat. I tell him to stop doing this for my Amazon; she is getting “chubby” and doesn’t need the seeds. I tell him it has been almost 24 hours since my last pain pill; he is amazed! The medication is only supposed to last 12 hours. He takes the bird food bowls into the “bird room” and sings “good morning” to them. I can hear the parrots climbing down from their top perches to their food bowls anticipating that seed mix, no doubt!

As I take my coffee back to bed, I hear hubby in the dog room now. The dogs that have slept in our room scramble to follow him anticipating breakfast. Bowls are filled and given to each dog. Consumed immediately, bowls are picked up from all but the slowest of eaters. And then I hear the door open as hubby makes his way to the barn.

Within a minute, I get an email notification that there is activity in the barn from the web cam set up over the stalls. I’ve told hubby he doesn’t need to muck; that I will do that later but from the web cam photos sent to my email, I see he is mucking the stall. The donkeys are fed.

Back inside, he grabs that “to go” mug and says “good-bye”. He tells me he should be home around 4:30 today. It’s now 6:30 and I’m thinking about my second cup of coffee. I’ve taken my pain pill and waiting for it to “kick in”. As I pour that second cup of coffee, I hear my African Grey chatter. I clearly hear say “good morning” and “hello”. In between beak clicks, he says “good boy”. He makes me smile.

I let out our barn cat through the back door. It’s cold outside. Gusto, the barn cat, appears out of nowhere; I’m assuming he’s slept down in the basement with my son? He used to go outside through the doggy door in the dog room but I have two dogs that bark at him so he now prefers that I open the back door for him to go outside. It is time for him to go to work also.

My little black dog is crying at my bedside. She wants up onto my bed. I get out of bed and onto the floor to lift her with my upper body; not my back. Cali circles the bed and lies down by my feet. As I drink my coffee, I watch the sunrise. Light slowly fills the sky. It is cloudy this morning so there are no colors. Just light that fills the sky.

And I think, “what will I accomplish today?” I’ve started going through photos I’ve taken throughout this year and am deciding which ones I will have printed? That would be a good thing to get done. I’m thinking about the donkeys and the training I’ve been doing with them the last few days. I want to get out to the barn and work with them then let them out into the pasture. Watching them really run in pure joy warms my heart. The dogs love going out to the barn also. There is always the chance there will be a bunny or two to chase. And I want to work on “step up’s” with Kazoo, the African Grey. He loves his “out of cage” time on top of his play stand being in a different room.

I think about “today” and how quiet the house is now. As I drink my coffee watching the sun rise, I think… Today is going to be a great day!

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