Closing Out 2017

There are a lot of things I do at the end of the year between the holiday celebrations of Christmas and before ringing in the new year on the 31st. Many are less-then-fun things needing to be done like pulling information that will be needed before April 15 tax day but some are more fun like sorting mementoes from the previous year and organizing my work space. Now this is done more than once per year, of course, but it is at the end of the year that I look back on all the items I’ve saved that were meaningful to me for one reason or another.


I have the card I received when a donation was made by a dear friend in memory of my beloved dog lost this year to old age. Not far from this card is another card from the same friend when a different dog was lost a few years ago. Both of these cards remind me of my lasting friendship with this gal and how we both grieved and recognized the loss of these two very special dogs.

In the card department, I have a few cards sent to me by friends but one card stands out and is deeply cherished. This card was sent to me on my birthday from a gal across the country I happen-chance to “meet” through mutual interests. For her to send me a card featuring a donkey… It was a powerful moment that reminds me there are those that spread kindness to those around them. And it came at a time I really needed that kindness both physically and mentally. Her gesture will be forever on my bulletin board to remind me… No one knows the path of another; always be kind to one another!


Each item saved has that type of special memory attached to it. Anyone walking past this space may notice this or that item but to me, each item projects a powerful memory or emotion associated with each and every item.

Above my bulletin board, I have a collection of knick-knacks. Most prominent are my donkey stuffed animals. These toys represent my “spirit” animal, the donkey. I know that I feel the best when interacting with my two donkeys maybe because I can relate to them on many levels? Their stubbornness? Perhaps! Or maybe because they require a degree of trust before blindly following a request? I have several donkey figurines each one featuring the donkey’s innate personality. Each one is cherished and is carefully dusted before being replaced on a shelf near a place I spend a lot of my time looking down on me to remind me of those unique personalities.

Sorting, dusting, and remembering each and every item, and what it means to me, is a walk down memory lane representing not only this past year but also years’ past with my collection of tokens and trinkets. And as I close out 2017, I look forward to 2018 and wonder what special memories will be acquired in the coming year? I am sure there will be up’s and down’s; happiness and sadness but as I look around myself… I know there will be a New Year with new beginnings and for that, I know there will be much to look forward to in the coming year.


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