Happy Spring!

I haven’t had a chance to write much recently (something I sincerely regret!) Instead, I’ve been going through old photos which brings up so many memories of times past. Now some of the memories are very sad. They remind me of what I did or where I was “on this day” a year ago, two years ago, three years ago! In many cases, I miss not being able to do those same things today.

But another feeling is in thinking of where I am today. And in going through those photos, I’ve re-edited them in a style I much prefer. I’ve grown through my photography into knowing exactly what I like to shoot and how I like to edit… A dreamy, impressionistic sort of edit that gives the viewer a chance to pause to look deeper at the photo. Or, at least that is how I look at these photos now!

Cosmos growing wild reaching for the sun

I’ve also grown in learning how I would like to present my photos. I’ve tried two of the “big” photography web sites and while they both have their “pro’s” and “con’s”, I’ve decided to move my photography to yet a third site. It is a slow, tedious process of moving photos and adjusting links but now my photos are being listed for sale on Fine Art America.Β 

The stages of these flowers blooming reminds me of life

I don’t know if this web site will be any better than the sites I’ve used in the past nor do I know if I will even sell any of my photos on this site? I do know that I absolutely LOVE the web site name: pixels.com! This is probably a post for another day but this is the name I gave our youngest Golden Retriever puppy: “Pixel“. Yes, it is a play on words for photography which is all made up of pixels or dots of color. My puppy’s registered name is our kennel name, Jema, and then “Focus On The Future“; the name of my blog. Why “Focus On the Future”? Because no matter how many memories one has from years past, the only real direction anyone can go is forward. And so on this beautiful spring day, I will live in the moment and think forward thoughts rather than dwell on the past.

An English garden remembered in full bloom

And “Jema”… JE are the first two letters of my name, Jennifer. MA are the first two letters of my husband’s name, Mark. Together we have raised, trained, showed, and occasionally bred Golden Retrievers for the past thirty years! Many of “my” puppies have gone on to become therapy dogs, service dogs, show dogs, or beloved family companions. I moved my dog website awhile ago. This site is now “managed” which wasn’t being done previously resulting in spam and virus’ sent through the server from the previous site. The change has been a good move! It gave me the chance to update photos which again was hard to do. We lost our beloved grand champion boy, Tazo, last year but he lives on through his kids and grandkids. I invite anyone who is interested to check out my “dog site” at: Jemagold.com! I would LOVE IT if you chose to follow that site too!

My beloved boy, Tazo, one winter day. I miss him every day!

Off to enjoy the rest of this day/weekend! I wish everyone has a great upcoming week!




4 comments on “Happy Spring!

    • THANKS, Nita!! The dogs have been such a big part of our lives for so long… Seems strange to “do something different”, sigh! Yes, regarding the recovery but… my knee is shot! So angry they took away my NSAIDs to get my back to heal; good for my back, not so good for my knee 😦 Have an appt with an ortho doc next month; highly suspect he will say I need a knee replacement! I don’t EVEN KNOW how I will cope w/ another major surgery but… anxious to hear what he says?


  1. Hi Jennifer. πŸ™‚ I now know your actual name and where Jema comes from. πŸ™‚ I’m sorry about the loss of Tazo. He’s beautiful! I love your photos and what you’ve done with them. What program do you use for editing? Love and hugs to you!

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    • Thanks, Trudy, re: the photos! And for your kindness regarding Tazo!! I hate looking back on memories when they remind me of sad things 😦 I guess you have to take the sad along with the happy memories though.

      I edit and store photos in Lightroom; export some photos into Photoshop for editing depending on what I’m trying to do with them. One winter a few years ago, I spent less time taking photos and more time on learning both of these programs in depth. Each skill builds on the next skill until I can fairly easily do the things I want in both programs. Now, I CAN’T make someone appear thinner than they are (not something I’ve ever practiced) but for the type of photography I enjoy, I can make subtle changes to hopefully tell the story I’m trying to tell through my photos.

      Thank you so much for reading my post!


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