Spring Weather

Out to the barn to play with my “new” old lens; my Lensbaby Velvet 56. It felt wonderful to be in the sunshine on this 65-70 degree spring day! I know we will get more snow; we usually get most of our snow in April but what a great feeling to be outside today! And tomorrow… It is supposed to be a nice day tomorrow too!

First, I went to go “play” with the chickens. The “ladies” are very tame and love to eat treats out of my hand. Holding my camera AND manually focusing all the while holding out my hand to feed these hens… Well, that was a bit tricky! The ladies, and even my protective rooster, enjoyed this special treat of cracked corn.

Our rooster! As a chick, “she” turned out to be a “he”!
Manual Focus while hand-feeding… It WAS a bit tricky! 
This is a Silver-Laced Wyandotte hen. She is absolutely beautiful! 

I can’t go out to see the chickens without also going out to see the donekys! Both Jack and Jill watched me with the ladies and brayed for me to come see them too! I haven’t been out to the barn to spend time with the donks as much as I usually do and I think we both missed each other? I know I have missed them! Jack readily presents his nose to give him kisses. Ahh… That nose is as soft as velvet!

Jack… My “heart” donkey! I just love him to pieces!!

In addition to playing with this lens, I got out to my store inside Walnut Creek to rearrange a few pieces. LOTS of Easter decor for sale in my “JemaGold” space! Home again and I got the first coat of paint on a new piece I found that needs renovating. Such a cute little child’s bookcase! I’m frustrated with myself I didn’t take a “before” photo! Darn!! I’ll try to remember to write about this piece once finished. I think I will give it a bit of distressing to hide any future “wear-and-tear” a child might do when using this bookcase. Ahh… a post for another day!

Happy Spring to everyone! Hopefully you are having nice weather also?

XOXO ~ Jennifer

P.S. Something else I did… I’m in the process of moving many of my photos to Fine Art America; a web site that will help me list my photos for sale. This has proved to be a tedious process but I’m excited to announce my site! Even more tricky is making a clickable banner that will directly take anyone to my site.

And while I was at it, I made a clickable banner for my Instagram page. I love sharing my photos on IG and being able to see everyone else’s photos too! If anyone is intersted in following me on IG, I will return the favor and follow you too! Thanks in advance!!


Banner - 728x90.png


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