Happy Birthday To Me!

Today is my  birthday (April 3); yeah! I’ve learned to celebrate and cherish each and every one of these milestones; many don’t have this privilege! I would like to say I did something wild and wonderful on this day but I spent the day recovering from the weekend, including yesterday!


Yesterday I had my 3 month post-op appointment with the neurosurgeon who did my repeat spine fusion. We all are cheering the x-rays now show new bone growth; it appears I’m healing this time whereas I didn’t heal after the first fusion. I’m beyond grateful to see the new bone growth… I just can’t imagine having to repeat this surgery a third time! Still, the appointment was a bit convoluted. I left without feeling my concerns were heard nor that we had a very good “plan” moving forwards. I do know I’m supposed to go back at six months after having another set of x-rays so there is that to look forward to, I guess?

I still have “nerve pain” in both feet that is coming from either the nerve still being pinched OR now after the surgery, the nerve is healing? I had numbness from my right knee to my foot initially so maybe the nerve is healing since it is only from my ankle to the bottom of my foot now? My big concern is the nerve pain becomes severe when lying at a 45 degree angle like watching TV or reading a book in bed. It starts off as a “tingle” then goes numb then it is, beyond a doubt, PAIN! Pain meds “mask” the pain so life can go on but… the doc does not want to prescribe any more pain meds! It isn’t that he doesn’t think I need them, he just wants someone else to prescribe them! Who? My primary care physician doesn’t know the details about the surgery or why I am still having nerve pain. She would send me to another doc to manage my nerve pain. I feel a bit “lost” in the shuffle as to who to see to get pain meds prescribed so as to not be in pain!

Ironically, I don’t like taking pain meds! I’ve not even filled scripts over the years for pain meds prescribed for various reasons. But nerve pain is the worse! I’m consistently under-dosing to make the pain meds last longer especially after hearing that no one wants to prescribe any more meds. What ends up happening is that my days are great! I’m staying active which is something everyone agrees I should be but come night-time, I’m bouncing up and down with pain depending on the activity and the resulting nerve pain. As soon as the daytime meds wear off, my day is over!

Since the trip to the University Hospital where my appointment is takes 1.5 hours to get to, I always feel we should do something “else” while in Denver. On this trip after the appointment, we visited a few antique stores looking for unusual pieces that I might buy to sell back at home in my store. Happy to report I found quite a few things so the day was spent unboxing and repacking items for future displays. It is always an adventure searching for items others might want to buy; almost like a treasure hunt! The problem was that we stayed in Denver too long; my meds wore off. The drive home was miserable! As I’m squirming hoping a change in position might help whatever nerve is being pinched, I think about how many times I’ve driven this route… There would be no way I could concentrate on driving now with the pain that I’m in! I think about all the times I’ve made this drive that I took for granted…sigh!

Today, I plan on setting up the little hydroponic plant grower my son bought me for my birthday. As an avid gardener, I’m excited at the thought of growing indoor plants using fertilized water! This is definitely a great gift idea; I can’t wait to see how well it works!


I would also like to take the donkeys out to our “second pasture” again today. Our primary pasture is getting pretty green with new spring growth; too green for the donkeys to be on! The second pasture is also green but will require them to move more to find the patches of new grass. Jack allowed me to halter him yesterday without his usual theatrics! Jill is easy to halter. Walking/leading both donkeys together is a bit tricky… Jack leads the way pulling on me while Jill lags behind. Still both did well with our little walk and while I hoped I might have help bringing them back to the barn a few hours later, I didn’t so set out to catch both of them myself. Jack came to me when I called and allowed me to attach the lead rope. Jill reluctantly came afterwards not wanting to be left behind. Being able to bring both of them in myself… at the end of the day, I am very grateful I could do this! That exercise and mental stimulation for the donkeys is so good for them!


Last but not least, Hubby bought me a beautiful Swarovski crystal donkey figurine. My photo doesn’t do it justice! All the sparkle and reflection from this figurine… It pretty much sums up the donkey’s personalities. All the different cuts and sparkle accurately depicts all the many facets of their personalities. Stubborn? Thoughtful? Deep? Sparkle? To have the trust of a donkey is truly a gift! Jack may have his “moods” but deep down, his devotion to me is unmistakable! To spend time with Jack, on any day, is truly a blessing to cherish!


XOXO ~ Jennifer

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4 comments on “Happy Birthday To Me!

  1. Wishing you a very happy, albeit belated, birthday. Despite the pain you still have, it does sound like things are moving forward and hopefully will continue to improve. Donkey Therapy seems to work wonders for you, and I’m sure the donkeys also are much better off after your visits, too!

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    • Thanks, Nita, for the b’day wishes! The donkeys are amazing animals (much like parrots actually! Maybe it is the prey animal; the building of trust they both share when forming relationships?)

      I was just thinking of you today! Was wondering how your little grey was doing? I thought I remembered he was a TAG?

      Hope you are having a great day! 🙂

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  2. Happy Birthday, Jennifer! I love your birthday gifts and of course, your photos. 🙂 I’m sorry you still deal with pain. It must be so difficult. But I’m glad you’re slowly improving and able to spend more time with your donkeys. Love and hugs to you!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks, Trudy!! New plan is to call the doc and go over “the plan” again! In the meantime, I’m praying the nerve pain heals/goes away! It has gotten better so I have high hopes! Yes, getting out to spend time with the donkeys… the most amazing feeling! I love to see them get out and run… the fresh air is good for everyone! 🙂

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