Donkey Therapy

We’ve had a couple of really nice days weather-wise! Seventy degrees and sunny with only a slight wind, really just a breeze. Great weather to get outside and soak up some much-needed Vitamin D! The trees are budding with tiny green leaves unfurling and all the spring bulbs are either blooming (daffodils, crocuses) or emerging to bloom soon (tulips). Ahh, it is spring!

Jill leads the way coming to me but Jack is not far behind!

Nice weather makes going out to see the donkeys so much more pleasant! I’ve been brushing both of them trying to loosen their thick winter coats in order to help them lose all that extra hair before it gets really hot here. Donkeys take longer to lose their winter coats than horses do, I know, but I just can’t help think they will be more comfortable getting off that extra hair before July! In addition to brushing, the donkeys love to graze out in the field but with all that green grass emerging, well, that would be too much, too soon for them to eat. Instead, we take them onto our second pasture which is not quite so lush. Here, they can graze and stretch their legs without over-eating.

Watching the donkeys “kick up their heels” is always fun to see!

Our neighbor’s horses are also out on their pasture. Jack is curious and investigates this fellow equine. I have to laugh at how small Jack looks compared to this horse! Although he IS smaller, Jack is standing in a culvert which makes him look even smaller than his neighbor. Jack bravely approaches to make friends…

Jack bravely approaches the neighbor’s horse! He looks quite small in comparison!

After spending a few hours grazing, both donks willingly come when I call them to be led back to the barn. As I take off Jack’s halter, he leans into me allowing me to hug him. He lets me rub my hand up and down his mane even though he makes a funny face at me when I do this!

Donkey Hugs!
Such a silly face, Jack!

Time spent with the donkeys is THE BEST therapy imaginable! To be able to relate to these two amazing animals is a gift! One I cherish in any weather!

Hugs and Good-night!


XOXO ~ Jennifer

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2 comments on “Donkey Therapy

    • THANK YOU, Trudy for thinking of me and sharing such an adorable video! How precious is that little soul and kuddos to the folks who went above and beyond to give Tiny Tim the best chance for survival! What a great way to start my day… Thanks to you! ❤

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