In general, Mondays aren’t TOO BAD! They give me a chance to recover from the weekend. Last week (the entire week!) was extremely hectic. I/we made a decision to move forwards doing something I love to do. I’m truly excited about this decision but also nervous about the physical work involved. Will I be able to do the things I’ve always done or will I have mobility problems? One thing I know is that I already have “help” so any burden won’t be mine alone to bear. And I apologize in advance for being vague; I just hate to jinx anything by “counting my chickens before they hatch” so to speak!

Practicing manual focus with the ladies. This Americauna hen looks like she is having a bad hair day! LOL!

On Sunday, we got out to prune planting beds in preparation for spring. So many bulbs are blooming and plants are greening up. It is time to rake leaves from last fall, etc. Unfortunately, I “poked” my eye pruning a tree runner. It is going on 48 hours now and my eye still hurts! If it isn’t significantly better by later today, I will go in to have it checked. In the meantime, I’m using numbing eye drops and antibiotic eye drops which do help. It just feels like “one more thing”!

Beautiful spring bulbs blooming

Yesterday we drove to Denver for my long-awaited orthopedic appointment. Beyond a doubt, I “qualify” for a knee replacement. The plan will be to have my knee replaced in August. I want my summer plus this will give my spine a bit more time to heal. Surgery dates were discussed but I couldn’t quite commit to a day. Committing to a day to have the surgery just makes it too real. I am just so thankful for the knee brace hubby brought home for me to use. It has made a huge difference in allowing me to be mobile that I now don’t even need to use it unless I’m walking on uneven ground. People say that I will be “bionic”; a reference to my age about a TV show long ago. To me, I want to keep all my “parts”. I guess I’m still struggling with body image regardless of what the x-ray or MRI say regarding how bad my knee is!

Such a fierce expression; makes me laugh! This is how I feel about Mondays especially before I’ve had my coffee!


Today, I need to get some “work” done. I have many items to inventory and price, tag and bag to update my vendor space. I would also like to send in a print order for some recent photos I’ve taken to have printed to display. HOPEFULLY I won’t get too distracted by the warm, sunny day that is calling me to the barn!

Also on Sunday, I haltered the donkeys and led them to our second pasture. Both donkeys enjoyed grazing a bit in the late afternoon. When I went to get them to bring them back to the barn, I am truly amazed at how readily they both came to me even though they knew grazing time was over. Instead of taking them back to the barn, I decided to “take them for a walk”! Jill meanders behind Jack led by hubby while I led Jack. He lunged a few times along the way to sneak a few bites of tempting grass but easily stopped and listened to me as we walked along. The donkeys are always “worried” stepping off the gravel onto to the asphalt road; it looks different to them. Both donkeys didn’t hesitate this time which I count as a huge success in them learning they don’t need to fear the different surface. Once on the street, we continue our walk.

Farrier visit for both. Hooves are looking great!
Jack behaved SO WELL! I’m so proud of him!!

Passing the mailbox is another “scary” thing for them. Both passed it without too much hesitation. Even the darting bunny didn’t scare either of them. On our way back, the neighbor’s dog was loose in their front yard. Jack stopped and braced himself; I could feel every one of his muscles tighten watching this little dog trying to decide if the dog was a threat or not? With my encouragement, he continued forwards until the dog noticed the donkeys.

Now this little dog has been “lost” before. I think that if the neighbors don’t want to “lose” their little dog, they really shouldn’t let it run loose in their front yard! And when this little dog started to bark and lunge at Jack, he whirled to face his opponent ears forward ready to protect himself. Hearing the dog out barking, an adult sent one of their kids to go out to retrieve their little dog. Seeing the donkeys, the kid faltered not sure whether to get her dog or retreat from the donkeys herself? I snapped at the child to pick up the dog!

Donkeys see dogs as predators. They ALL are “coyotes” as far as donkeys are concerned! Many donkeys are used as “guard” animals for this reason. If Jack decided to go into protector mode, there was no way I would be able to hold him back. I love dogs having several myself. Good fences protect my dogs from the donkeys who like to sniff noses with Jack. Jack puts on quite the protective display; he knows “my” dogs are not a threat to him or Jill. This little dog… not so much!

The child finally did approach to retrieve her dog. How sad her parents put her in this position to begin with! Only after the dog was picked up and carried away did Jack give a final snort and agreed to continue our walk home. I’m really proud of Jack for not being overly reactive to the little dog. And I’m amazed at how he initially stopped when he spotted the dog to size up the situation and believed in me that he was safe when I told him to move forwards.  Hopefully, although I have my doubts, these neighbors will keep their dog fenced so we don’t receive notice he is “lost” again? Or worse!

The donkeys are curious about EVERYTHING in their environment! They love to help me muck!

It was great to be able to walk Jack and Jill both for their experience and for my ability to walk that distance! Hopefully I will be able to do this again soon! And hopefully without worrisome incidents with other animals!

XOXO ~ Jennifer

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