Weekend Projects

Like many other people, we always seem to have “weekend projects” that surpass the time we have to do them over the weekend! But if we start these seemingly insurmoutable tasks, slowly we can make a dent in that never-ending do-list! And with warmer weather, it just feels great to be outside soaking up that sun and vitamin D. That is how we spent this last weekend; working outside getting the yard ready for summer and working on that do-list!

First, I have a small patio table and chair set. Finished in a flat matte black, it matches any/everything. But it really isn’t very exciting. I have wanted to paint it for awhile now and this weekend, I did!


Actually, I started this project the previous Wednesday painting one chair a high gloss red. I LOVED the color but ran out of paint. Looking at all the colors possible at the hardware store, I decided to paint the set in primary colors (red, blue, yellow) that would bring color against the green of the plants and grass behind it. Yes, there was some bending and twisting which I know I need to limit as my spine is still healing but the change in color brought immediate results. I’ve always loved to paint for fun. That first stroke or spray of color bringing immediate satisfaction of adding a new color and change. And the nice thing about paint… If you don’t like what you’ve painted, you can always paint it again!


It was empowering to finally paint this table and chair set. That feeling of “I did this!” It was so rewarding that I’ve started painting another chair/table set which I know will be a much bigger project. But if I take it one piece at a time, allowing each side to dry/cure before working on the flip side, slowly I will get the other set painted. I keep imagining the set done in a new color without the rust and chips it currently has. And I think, wouldn’t it be nice if I could spray paint myself to make myself new again? While this can’t be done with people, it can be done with my patio set and at least THAT will be new again!


Don’t let your do-list overwhelm you into not starting something new. And don’t be content with “blah” when you can create something vibrant and colorful! Life is too short to live with the mediocre when you can create something new with something as simple as a coat of paint! The results are well worth the effort!

(Disclaimer: I had picked out new pillows for this set but found these two pillows I already had that brought in the yellow I was looking for. Living with dogs, especially puppies, one of the pillows has a few chew tears on it! Anticipating these throw pillows might tempt my curious pups, I decided to use these pillows for now. Puppies grow up and learn manners eventually. I suspect these pillows may not last very long so will need to be replaced later. This is a small price to pay for living with my wonderful dogs who may mistake these pillows as chew toys. I can live with that!)

XOXO ~ Jennifer

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2 comments on “Weekend Projects

    • Thanks, Trudy! I struggled physically to get this project done; am so proud it turned out nice 🙂 Slowly (it seems), I am getting my life back after my spine surgery! Crossing fingers for continued healing!!

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