The Beginning or… The End?

Busy weekend out shooting but didn’t have a chance to download shots to see what I got until Monday. I just LOVE this shot of a simple dandelion now spent of seeds except one little seed pod still hanging on waiting for a good gust of wind to blow.


True, it is the end of this particular dandelion but through its seeds, it is the beginning for so many new plants ready to take root and grow. I like to think about all the new beginnings ready to sprout rather than the end of this particular plant.

I am sending this photo off to be printed (and it will be for sale on my web site link below under “plants and flowers”). This photo resonates with me personally! I can be the withered plant spent after producing all those seed heads reminding me of all the choices I’ve made in my life thus far or… I can be that tiny seed pod ready to head off to a new adventure. I prefer to be the seed head thinking about the new paths and my change in identity as I’ve grown older.

You are never too old for yet another adventure!

XOXO ~ Jennifer

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