Happy Thursday!

Ahh… Good intentions! And yet I seemed to have gotten behind? My plans to write regularly waylaid as I get caught up with day-to-day tasks that take me further away from my intended plans. Regardless, I hope everyone has a great day today doing whatever they have to do. The weekend is right around the corner!!

For me, my very old kitty is at the vet having a dental cleaning done. Poor kitty broke a canine tooth; will need to get that pulled. I’ll pick up kitty later this afternoon. In the meantime, my “do-list” for the day has grown to an amazing amount of things that OUGHT to get done! I’ll plug along getting as many things done and checked off the list as I can while trying to remember to stop and enjoy this beautiful day!

  • The sun is shining
  • The birds are chirping
  • The flowers are blooming

Wherever you are today, try to spend a minute enjoying the day!  Take a moment to just breathe! That is something I will NOT check off my list. It is something I hope to stop and remember to enjoy throughout today!

Happy Thursday, everyone!

DSC_8745-Edit text.jpg

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