Coffee… YUM!

Who doesn’t enjoy a freshly brewed steaming cup of coffee? I know I do. I know some prefer tea which is fine but that first cup of coffee in the morning… “It’s the best part of waking up” as that slogan states! This is my opinion, of course!

So I started something new; something I can add to each and every post. It’s a coffee cup icon that is a link to my “Ko-fi” site. What is Ko-fi? It is a site that allows readers to “buy me a cup of coffee” to show support for my posts on my blog. Sure, my photography on my posts is available for sale on my website and frequently posted on my Instagram account but it is posted here first. If you like my posts and/or my photograpy, supporting my page would be very much appreciated!


If you don’t buy me a cup of coffee, that is fine too. I will still write about my healing journey recoverying from my spine surgery and life in general. But if you do decide to click on that coffee cup icon, a quick donation using PayPal is easy and… who doesn’t enjoy a cup of coffee?!

Thanks in advance!!

XOXO ~ Jennifer

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