Happy One Week Birthday!

Puppies are one week old today. Time flies!!

Jema Golden Retrievers

Puppies are one week old today; this week seems to have flown by! I’ve talked to a LOT of people, answered a LOT of emails, monitored puppies (and mom)! Fortunately, I’ve had a lot of help too! Today is hubby’s first day back to work (half day) so someone is always here with mom and pups (and to help take care of the other critters too!)

Onto a photo collection of shots taken this week:

DSC_0738.jpg Orange Girl

DSC_0748.jpg Such a fun photo! Pigment at 4 days of age!! 

DSC_0761 Some may have noticed? Red Girl is the lightest puppy of the litter. 

DSC_0743.jpg I would say all puppies are “medium” colored except for Red Girl who is “light”.

DSC_0773.jpg Sweet puppy face! I wish the “sparkles” of gold showed up better in this shot on his head!

DSC_0802.jpg Green Boy plowing his way through the “pile” (Red Girl underneath has great pigment also!)

DSC_0780.jpg Where Red…

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