What A Week!

“How I spent my summer…” A lot of work, a lot of fun, a lot of memories I will always cherish!

Jema Golden Retrievers

What an amazing week this has been! LOTS happening every day!

First, we had a fantastic visit with Sherry from California as she came out to see ALL the puppies and ended up going home with “Black Boy/Trek”. THANK YOU Sherry for all your help with the puppies entertaining/socializing them every day and helping me give everyone baths. Puppies had strict orders to STAY CLEAN for their new families which, for the most part, they did! It was great to talk “all things dog” with someone I very much respect in the dog world. You kept saying how it was a vacation for you, Sherry, but it was really a vacation for me! I can’t wait to watch Trek, grow up… I/we are so excited about his future!

DSC_6692.jpg “Trek”

DSC_6654.jpg “Westie”

DSC_6642.jpg “Gracie”

DSC_7096.jpg Running and Playing… 

DSC_6676.jpg “Zoey”

DSC_6724.jpg “Charley”

DSC_6715.jpg “Gracie”… King (Queen?) of the Hill!

DSC_6850.jpg “Trek”… STUNNING boy!! Love him to pieces!!


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