It’s Friday morning, early, and I’m “up for the day”… I’ve never been a “morning person” before but now I am? I’m not sure why this is true now? I do know I’m going to “crash” earlier tonight than most of my family. It’s the trade-off for waking up so early…

Last week, we adopted a mini donkey. “Willaby” is 5 years old, 220 lbs and stands 33″ at his withers. His back story: He was bred because they are “cute” and later relinquished to a donkey rescue in Oklahoma. He was transported to Colorado to the donkey rescue here. He is up-to-date on his vet, hoof, and dental care.

Wilbe in his new home.  I wonder what he must be thinking? 

We adopted Willaby; now nick-named “Wilbe”, as a “friend” for my gelding donkey, Jack. Wilbe as in he “will be” a great addition and he “will be” happy once he gets adjusted to his new home. My current two donkeys, Jack and Jill, are 6 years old and are just a bit bigger than Wilbe. The boy donkeys like to play while the girls, the girls are in charge of finding food and water, having and raising babies, and in truth, they run the show. The boys, well, they just want to have fun! It is my hope that Jack and Wilbe will become best buds and have the fun and play that Jill just isn’t interested in doing. Time will tell…

The first thing Wilbe did upon arrival… take a dust bath. When in doubt, roll in the sand! 

Introducing Wilbe had some initial drama but with guidance from more experienced donkey folks than I, things seem to be settling down. Wilbe wants to stay close to Jack and Jill as his new “herd”. Jack and Jill… they are beginning to accept the newcomer. One of the first things I’ve done regarding introductions was to spread hay in a small circle at feeding time. This was so Jack and Jill could see that Wilbe was NOT taking away their resources (food)! I’ve also kept Wilbe (and Jack and Jill) in an enclosed area. At this point, I’m not sure I could get Wilbe back from “out in the pasture” and I certainly didn’t want Jack and Jill to attempt to “drive the newcomer away”. All seems to be going well so far.

My very “brave” boy, Jack hiding behind Jill, LOL! It’s going to be “okay” Jack!

With mini donkeys, people sometimes try to “move them” by grabbing onto their heads/ears. Those big ears are very sensitive and while yes, you CAN move them this way, it has caused Wilbe to be “head shy”. He does offer his back side for scratching and with gentle, slow movements, I’ve been able to work my way up his side to his neck and then to his cheek for petting. He seems to enjoy this attention. He now knows that when we approach, good things happen! The donkeys are fed (always a highlight in their days) or else they will get attention from their people. I can halter Wilbe but this is something he “endures”; not something he particularly enjoys. Eventually, I hope to make this no big thing for Wilbe.

Just sitting with Wilbe while he has one ear “watching” me and the other turned towards Jack and Jill! He may be wondering why he was singled out? Jack and Jill would never let me just hang out with Wilbe if they were loose! They would be bugging me for treats and attention!

It is going to take time to earn Wilbe’s trust in both our intentions and people in general. This time is what I spent when Jack and Jill when they first came to me also. I don’t have any specific expectations from Wilbe other than his being Jack’s friend either. For now, I knew I had space and abilities to give Wilbe a good home. So… That is what I’ve done.


6 comments on “TGIF

    • I’m so sorry, Nita… I just saw this (think maybe things have been too hectic?!) Yes, Jack and Wilbe/Wilby/Mario (he is going to be “Mario”) DO play which is what I had hoped but at the end of the day, Jack is bonded to Jill 😦 At around Christmas, found out now Mario had a son so… just adopted him! Now Mario and his son (named Luigi) are a pair. And all three can play together leaving Jill to be “in charge”! LOL!

      I do need to keep up with WP (need a better system!) Thank you so much for taking the time to reply to my post!! ❤


  1. Aww what a cute little boy! I am so glad that you were able to step forward and give a Wilbe a safe home. And what a beautiful thought here that brought tears to my eyes: “I don’t have any specific expectations from Wilbe other than his being Jack’s friend.” It made me think of all the pressures I put on myself, when God just wants to be with me in relationship. Thank you for sharing with us more glimpses into your daily life! Blessings to you!

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    • I just am seeing this; HUGE apologies!! Wilbe/Wilby/Mario (wow, talk about a hard time with names!) is doing great especially now that we have his son, Luigi (hence the name change) reunited! Our cold weather and snow (especially wind chill) is keeping me busy keeping blankets on them all for their health and well-being. The “naysayers” say they don’t need “winter blankets” but my goal is for them to THRIVE; not just survive!

      HUGE APOLOGIES for not seeing/responding to this sooner! (Kicking myself!!)

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    • Thanks Trudy (and sorry for the late response! I don’t know how I missed this??) I need to write another post; we’ve adopted Wilbe/Wilby/now named “Mario’s” son, Luigi! A bit hectic here but… all are safe and warm with our spring snow (and very cold wind chill!)

      SO SORRY 😦


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