Two Weeks Before Christmas

Two weeks before Christmas and on this day twenty-eight years ago, I gave birth to my son. He truly was the best Christmas gift I could ever receive; a blessing in my life then as he has been over the years. Those years were not always easy but they are what has made him into the kind, caring person he is today.  So, Happy Birthday, Andrew! Thank you for being who you are; you are now as you were then, one of my greatest blessings!

So while everyone is preparing for the holidays and planned celebrations, I’m thinking of the New Year. Specifically, I’m looking back, through the years, at photos I’ve taken and never did anything with them. I have a few more photos “to find” (because it really is a treasure hunt of sorts), edit, and send off to be printed. I want to have fresh, new items to stock in my little space in the vintage store I’m displayed. And as I go through these photos, I remember…

  • I remember my now 4 y/o dog as a puppy


  • I remember sitting outside one early morning watching the blue jays fight over the newly filled feeder


  • I remember that night spent shooting stars (and then putting all those photos together to create star trails)


  • But most of all, I remember the feeling of doing something I love to do… photography!

Today is a gray, gloomy day out; NOT a good day to go out to photograph anything but by looking back, I remember those good days…

Today is also a change in the weather; I’m sure the barometer has fallen which would account for why I hurt. My hands hurt; my back hurts; my hip hurts. I want to run away from this physical pain but I don’t know where I could go to make the pain go away? I know where I would like to go… Back in time when my joints didn’t hurt just because the weather changed!

I wish that was possible! THAT is what I want for Christmas… sigh!


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2 comments on “Two Weeks Before Christmas

    • Thanks, Trudy!! I guess I’m most worried that this will be my new “norm”? Have been in touch with my doc; going to try diff meds. Crossing fingers it helps!!

      If I don’t touch base before Christmas, I hope you and yours have a blessed holiday! ❤

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