INFJ (Personality Type)

I did one of those “personality-type” quizzes and came up with being an “INFJ”. All of the personality types are based on the Myers-Briggs Personality Types and are summed up on how you answer the posted questions. There are 16 different “personality types”. My “type” is said to be one of the rarest types which is why this caught my interest.

The “I” in my type stands for being an “introvert”. Very few who know me would think that I am introverted! I can be the life-of-the-party; I can talk to anyone! But being in the “limelight” is exhausting! While I can be very outgoing, for short periods of time, I live “out in the country” avoiding “going into town” unless absolutely necessary (or when I just need a break from the quiet). And because I CAN talk to anyone, I usually have people confide their life-story to me while rarely divulging much about myself. It isn’t unusual for people to think they know me well after talking to me. This always makes me smile because I generally don’t say anything “real” especially about myself! There are very few people I would call “close friends” which, at times, makes me very sad.

Being out in nature is good for everyone but for me, it is rejuvenating! Life is always better when outside!

The “N” stands for “Intuition”. I ALWAYS go with “my feelings” in any situation. While I certainly can look at any given situation objectively, it is those subjective feelings that inadvertently tend to be correct. I never used to tell people, outside of my immediate family, “my feelings” because it isn’t like I can predict the lottery numbers! I can, however, predict how and why people are behaving or reacting in any given situation that hasn’t happened yet. And I tend to be right later when my “predictions” come true! In reading about this personality type more, “they” say it has to do with sensing patterns in nature and behavior? I can’t say that I see “patterns” per se but… when I think about things, as they come to me, those feelings tend to be freaky accurate. I think it has less to do with specific patterns but more focused on my personal value system which makes any other value systems stand out to me in conversations or actions? More like a sense or impression of intentions? But… who knows? It really is just a “gut feeling”. My family recognizes my gut feelings; I’ve often been asked to evaluate various situations but it isn’t something I would admit to most people. It just sounds “weird” even to me. I can’t explain it but I just “know” things!

Perhaps my skill with animals is largely based on “intuition”? I can “read” them easily. Animals live in the moment and do NOT lie!

“F” stands “Feeling” which may go along with intuition especially when making decisions? It also has to do with a strong sense of empathy to others and in believing others should also have that sense of empathy. I find it terribly discouraging to realize that many do NOT really have much empathy… remember those conversations with others where they spill their guts about this problem or that? Why DON’T they ask about the real me? There is nothing worse than my saying something that is very important to me and receiving a “mmm-hmm” response! Really? Sadly, that happens all too often. I used to (and maybe still do?) have a problem saying “no” to people. Now, I’ve cultivated “boundaries” to protect myself from saying “yes” when I really want to say “no”. Still, I’m often angry at myself for forgetting those boundaries or not insisting they be respected. That anger turned outward is really directed at myself for not respecting MY boundaries that I’ve said I would have. I end up being very frustrated at myself for being taken advantage of without reciprocation but really… It is my fault to begin with for saying “yes”, sigh! Understanding my personality type, especially as I’ve grown older, has helped me protect me from… myself!

DSC_9170_pen action.jpg
Many of my “life regrets” center around NOT being true to myself. Living an “authentic” life is difficult especially when being pulled in several directions at once!

“J” is for “judgement”. It is a form of perfectionism I expect for myself. Not always for others but definitely for myself. I don’t lose things; I know exactly where I put things. I say and do everything with intention. And while I try to not let a lot of little things bother me, I do expect things to be done in a specific way. It can seem I’m “obsessive-compulsive” at times which I’m really not; I just want things done “right”! That judgement can seem harsh, at times, even intense but the expectations I may place on others isn’t any different from the expectations I place on myself. I don’t lie, cheat or steal and have a huge problem when other people can carelessly lie even about trivial things. “High expectations”? Maybe? Just don’t lie, especially to me… I can tell when you are lying!

A Coopers Hawk hunting in my barn. A harsh reality for the small birds that have sought refuge in my barn; not all escaped this bird of prey. 

If anyone is interesting in taking a personality test to see what their type is, you can take the test here. If you are at a crossroads in your life, your personality type may clarify why you are in situations that may be distressing to you. It might give you a sense of direction for navigating your life? Perhaps even better help you understand yourself. Those preferences you have in life can help explain why you feel the way you do and why you make the choices you make… over and over again. At least, that is how I hope it will help me.





22 comments on “INFJ (Personality Type)

  1. Oh, I can see the beauty of your intuition with your sweet Jack now! And I am so thankful that you have shared your heart here at this space. I look forward to reading your words and what you have to share. I sure understand that introvert side, but the side that loves connecting to people also. Blessings to you this New Year!

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    • Thanks Bettie! My question to myself… Am I being extroverted in writing or introverted in hiding behind this forum? Hmm??

      Yes, I do believe my ability working with animals comes from intuition. It just comes so easily for me ❤ Wishing you a fabulous New Year also; one free from pain FOR BOTH OF US! Hugs and blessings!! ❤

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  2. You sent me on a quest, Jennifer. Several times the past years I’ve taken personality tests and turned up to be INFJ, but I just took this one and turned up to be INFP. So I took one again here – – and turned out to be INFJ again. 🙂 It was interesting that they give a percentage. I was 60% J and 40% P. I’m definitely an introvert. Thank you for sharing your interesting reflections on your personality type and prompting me to look into mine again. 🙂 As always, your photos refresh my heart. 🙂 Love and blessings to you!

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    • Hi Trudy, Now I don’t claim to be an expert about these personality types but… I received an email from “persoanlity junkie” explaining the “J” vs the “P”… The P types are outwardly receptive and adaptable while the J types are firm, direct, and opinionated. Something about J-types being dominant perceivers?

      I know I AM opinionated even if I don’t voice those opinions to save from hurting a person’s feelings. And I AM direct too… at least in how I approach “my world”.

      It does give cause for reflection doesn’t it? In how we face problems or in how we see the world. I am so glad you liked the post and the photos… You are TOO kind! ❤ HUGS to you, Trudy! We are kindred spirits!! 🙂

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      • The first time I learned I was a J, I felt bad. I asked myself – Am I judgmental? I certainly don’t want to be! I have strong gut feelings, but I often doubt them and feel like they don’t count as much as someone else’s. I’m trying to work on that though. I know I need to be more assertive. Like you, I worry a lot about hurting a person’s feelings. I guess it’s how we say the truth, right? In love! You know, I have always been more at ease in talking with animals as they accept us unconditionally. 🙂 I can easily see how Jack and your other animals are good therapy for you. And they’re blessed to have you to love them. 🙂 HUGS to you, too, Jennifer!

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      • LOL, SO FUNNY! I don’t like the word “judement” either but here is what it says that doesn’t make it sound so bad: “Judgers like structure and order. They keep organized and plan ahead, resist distractions, and stay focused on their goals.” Hmm… I’m def about “setting goals and maintaining focus”! Also they “Follow rules and regulations”. And “set clear expectations”. I think the “judging” is more how we manage our lives and less re: others? I think they should have found a better word than “judgement”! “Judgement” just has such a negative ring to it, IMO 😉


  3. Your ability to read people (and animals) is uncanny. I know that you always ‘speak from the heart’. Something I ( and I am sure others) struggle to do on a consistent basis.


    • Well… No diff than other INFJ’s! The “J’ is about “creating a plan and sticking to it” or “seeking a task to completion”! Adhering to a schedule along with setting clear expectations. All good things in my mind!!


  4. I agree, Jennifer. 🙂 Judgment does sound negative. Thanks for reminding me of what the J really means. I guess I am kind of judgmental when it comes to myself… I try not to beat myself up so about “doing” more and better and instead to just “be” in Jesus and see myself above all through His eyes. Love and blessings to you!


    • THANKS Erika! I never really looked at personality tests before now; now, amazed at how accurate they are! And THANK YOU re: my art! Creativity in any form is just good for the soul!! A photo can say a thousand words, eh? 😊

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