A Blast From The Past

Althought I live in a state that prides itself with mostly sunny days throughout the year, winter is a hard time to “get out” to take “great photos”. Regardless of the sunny days, the landscape looks bleak with the absence of color. I’m just not inspired to photograph anything. So instead of phtography, I refinish furniture. I’ve done some larger pieces but it is the smaller pieces that tend to sell better… accent tables, night stands, small dressers. I find these pieces of furniture any and everywhere… pieces that someone doesn’t want any longer that I see new life that I can give them. The pieces I refinish are pieces I would, if I had room, use in my own home. I use good paint and finishes and always poly coat surfaces to protect them from scratches and daily use. I bring color to something that has grown old and drab.

A side table, end table, microwave stand… This table has a solid cherry top (poly coated) and is now for sale in my “brick and mortar” store. Once unloved, it is now waiting for its forever home.

Yesterday I found such a piece located in a city about a half hour away from me. I didn’t have help to go get the piece so with a determined stance, set out to pick up the unwanted table myself. I will admit I was a bit nervous both in going to a stranger’s home AND in my physical abiliy to lift and carry this table to load into my car. But with an air of “I can do this”, I set off at the pre-designated time to pick up that table.

Now this table, located in a city I used to live in ten years ago, should have been easy to find, right? I mean, I USED TO live in this city and should know my way around. Driving through those streets I used to know like the back of my hand had now become unfamiliar. In the last ten years, new subdivisions and businesses, not to mention traffic, now made this city look and feel foreign to me. I felt like a ghost from the past lost in my memories of what the city should have looked like and now doesn’t. Thank goodness for GPS!

Picking up this table ended up being a “dead drop”. The gal left the table on her front porch and I was to leave the money under the mat. Maybe she was as nervous with my coming to her house as I was going to a stranger’s house myself? Personally, I’m just glad no one saw my struggles to pick up and carry this table to my car and again lifting it to load in the back. But I did it! Once loaded, I set off to return home.

A sideboard with hand carved panels from India refinished to find a new life as a unique piece in someone’s home. Also available for sale in my store just waiting to be purchased by someone who will value and love it.

Driving through those now unfamiliar streets reminded me of that time ten years ago when I moved to a city just a half hour away. The city I live in now I call home. I know the businesses and the streets. I’m involved in my community here. And I remember all I did to make my new home… HOME! The trees that were planted, the barn that was built, the holidays spent with my family. The memories of all of the things that have transpired in the last ten years come flooding to my mind. All of these things were also done in that previous city and those memories come flooding back to me too. A time and place I can never go back to with the same feeling of “home” because it has since changed so drastically. There is nothing like memories that once were to make one feel they are living in a dream; it is such an unsettling feeling. Instead of dwelling on the past, I left the table in the back of my car to be unloaded later and walked back into my current life safe from what once was to what is now my  tangible reality. I’ll start refinishing that table tomorrow.


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2 comments on “A Blast From The Past

    • Thank you, Trudy! I don’t feel “creative” (I’m surrounded by true artists that humble me!) But then I think… we all have something to offer 🙂 We just need to look deep to see what inspires us to be all that we may be ❤

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