How Hard Did Aging Hit You?

The new trending “game” on Facebook is to post one of your very first profile pics and then your most recent pic under the title of “How hard did aging hit you?” I suspect this “game” is to help people relive past memories especially if you are very active on FB? I’m sure the “game” is less about memories and more about “see how much you use our site!” Sorry, this is probably a cynical viewpoint of this new trend.

I did go back and look at my “very first” photos but along the way, I also came across many “memories” that were hard to see again. Memories of beloved dogs that are no longer with me today. Memories of past holidays that will never be the same again. And photos of me before my life changed so dramatically due to my arthritis and resulting surgeries…


“Memories” can sometimes be very hard to acknowledge. Having photos “pop up” from the distant, and not so distant, past brings up past struggles and pain. It is very difficult to move forward if these “memories” force you back to a time that has changed so drastically now. They are the opposite of moving forwards. They are the “before”.

I’ve learned to NOT relive those past memories. Those memories will be forever a part of my life but I don’t need to relive what once was! Instead, I want to focus on what can be; the future that hasn’t happened yet. This future is filled with hopes and dreams (and plans on how to make those dreams a reality!) As I wrote in a previous post, you can never go back to what once was; your only choice is to keep moving forwards to the future.

What do I want for my future?

  • To continue to heal from my spine surgery in order to not have to think about accommodations to prevent my being in pain. (I’ll probably always need to make “accommodations” to do the things I once did without thinking about them?)
  • To be able to focus on the things I CAN do that bring me joy (and to be able to accept the things I no longer can do.)
  • And to be able to accept the people that have chosen to walk out of my life especially when I needed them the most. Those were their choices; not mine!


Focusing on what I CAN do and what I want for MY life is where I’m at now; not some distant past image that reminds me of my past life. No one can predict the future so the goal is to be happy today. Be grateful for this day… wherever you are and whatever you are doing. Because really… what other choice do you have?




4 comments on “How Hard Did Aging Hit You?

  1. Amen! When I saw that “game,” it was also hard for me to look at past profile pictures, and see the differences. But God still has new life ahead for us–every day His mercies are new. And so I need to keep letting Him remind me of that. Focusing on the good and grateful gifts in this day is so important. Blessings to you!

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    • Thank you, Bettie and yes… every day is a blessing! ❀ You are in my prayers daily as a "pain twin"… I hope you are doing well today!! (P.S. I'm behind on reading/responding but please know your posts are a highlight of my day!)

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  2. Since I’m not on Facebook, I don’t know much about it, Jennifer. πŸ™‚ I’m not a big social media fan. I was on Facebook years ago, but it just made me depressed, so I let it go. About past painful memories, I do believe it’s important to visit them in order to grieve and begin healing from them. Also to remember how God got us through them. They reshaped us into what we are today, hopefully for the better, not the bitter. But yes, I’m so with you on not living in them still today. I’m trying, too, to focus on the good of today. To marvel in God’s mercies and open my eyes to the beauty He surrounds me with. Love and blessings of physical and emotional healing to you!

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    • Aww… sorry it depressed you, Trudy 😦 I work very hard at “limiting” social media (seems I’m ALWAYS late responding!) but… probably a time and place for everything if done in moderation?

      Yes, staying “present” is so important! I hope to be able to revisit “memories” maybe with a bit more space and time? Regardless, THANK YOU for your love and blessings! Every day is a gift… always important to appreicate the here and now! HUGS to you, Trudy! I hope today has been a great day for you!! ❀

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