Exceeding “Limits”

It didn’t seem like I was “over-doing” anything at the time? It is only in “looking back” that I realized I was “up and down” too much at least for my knees. Oops!

I was invited to evaluate eight 7-week old puppies bred from a responsible, local breeder. Not only was I going to evaluate these puppies, I was also going to photograph the puppies for this gal. Each puppy was “stacked” on the table and after capturing each puppy’s stance, I then “went over” each puppy offering my opinion on each puppy’s strength and weaknesses. Puppy breath; puppy heaven! It was a fun day discussing all things “dog” with someone who shares my passion for our breed. And photographing puppies… It really is how I best evaluate strengths and weaknesses according to the breed standard. In the moment, ALL puppies are cute! But photos don’t lie in depicting exactly how each puppy measures up not only comparing them to each other but also comparing them to other puppies at this age/stage of development. What I and the breeder were looking at were individual parts and how they came together as a whole in each puppy.

One of the puppies walking through her yard. I “saw” this puppy/background and knew this would be a fun shot. It is what I like most about photography… capturing those special moments!Β 

After all the puppies were evaluated on the table and after all the puppies were playing in her yard (more photographing), we sat down to lunch. This is something I’ve always greatly enjoyed… Sharing the commaraderie with someone else who shares the same passion for our breed. Future plans, pedigrees, show wins… the conversation never lagged. After lunch, I tried to get up from the table only to realize my “good” knee wasn’t working! Searing pain every time I tried to take a step or bear weight all the while trying to appear “normal”.

Capturing a loving moment between puppy and breeder… Much time, money and emotion goes into breeding a litter of puppies. The breeder LOVES her puppies first before each puppy leaves to live in their forever homes!Β 

I finally got my knee working/loosened up as we played with her other adult dogs. Driving home, I remembered I still needed to update my space at the vintage store. I called and asked hubby to load/deliver a rustic cabinet made from recycled barnwood I had refinished. The antiqued nightstand I had in my space sold two days ago (well, yeah!) so I knew the items on that now sold piece of furniture were placed wherever in my space? Instead of leaving hubby to just deliver the piece of furniture, I met him at the store.

A rustic, “farmhouse” cabinet refinished in off white with poly coated top to prevent signs of damage from daily use. The original “red” from the barnwood can be seen on the inside of this cabinet.

As he did the lifting of the furniture to fill the empty spot, I rearranged the other items and neatened everything. I also have succulents I’ve propagated from single leaves now replanted in cute pots and offered for sale under “grow lights”. I thoroughly watered these plants; my “babies” I’ve carefully tended to produce unique, living decor. The store closes early on Sundays so we were racing the clock to get my space updated without inconveniencing the gal working that day who was ready to go home. And my knee(s) were throbbing again!

Thriving succulents propagated by me!

Back home and… I could feel my heartbeat in my knees! Throb, throb, throb! I don’t feel I overdid my activity to be in this much pain? My body disagreed! I’m angry that my “fun day” left me in so much pain that I had trouble sleeping last night! I’m angry that a “normal day” was too much! I tried icing and elevating… neither helped my now swollen knees which also made me angry! It’s not fair that doing what I love caused me to be in this much pain!

Unique home decor… One of a kind items NOT FOUND in big box stores!

Waking up this morning and I can hardly sit at my computer editing photos of those puppies! But I got them done and sent to the breeder. She LOVED them and thanked me profusely. It just shouldn’t hurt this much doing what I enjoy OR I should have had some warning that what I was doing was too much before my knee(s) quit working! This is what I’ve labeled as a “Pang-Over”… a hangover due to pain. How long will it last before I’m “ok” again? I don’t know? But it IS a symptom of my new life… A life with limits and rules that aren’t readily apparent. At least not to me… Until it is too late!



5 comments on “Exceeding “Limits”

    • Thank you, Erika! I need to have my knees replaced yet worry about undergoing another surgery 😦 I need to just “do it” and get it over with!! This living two lives: one where I do the things I want to do and two, then suffer pain because of menial things I did has got to stop! Hiding how much I hurt afterwards… It has to stop!

      And THANK YOU re: my photography! It’s a world I can “hide” in seeing things others may not see. It’s opened a new world of “creating” that I offer for sale in the store. I’m always surprised/flattered people buy the things I offer… I’m really just playing πŸ™‚

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      • It is a difficult decision. I actually just went through it with my mom last month. She is a success story. Hopefully it can take some of your angst away. I posted a story about it called Hope is Regenerative – Day 8. You can find it on my site or if you have trouble, here is a direct link: https://writingfromthekitchen.com/2019/01/09/hope-is-regenerative-day-8/
        Again I wish you the best with your decision making. My mom suffered for many years and all she can say now is, “Why did I wait so long?”

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      • Yes, I’ve heard folks say they’ve waited too long to get their knees replaced. My problem, early-onset degenerative arthritis, is that IF I have my knees replaced now, I will not outlive my prosthesis; I will have to have the surgery redone when I’m 75-80 years old! My other hesitancy is I worry anything I do now will change how my spine fusion heals and I CAN’T go through that again! I’m definitely juggling this decision!

        I will definitely go back and read your post! THANKS for including the link πŸ™‚

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  1. I’m so sorry you have those painful “pang-overs,” Jennifer. It can be so hard to accept limitations, and we end up over-doing and paying for it later. The puppy photos are so precious, and I love that pot of succulents. πŸ™‚ You certainly are a woman of many creative gifts! Love and blessings of strength, peace, and pain-free days and nights.


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