Donkey Day

February 16, 2019: Today is the day we are heading WAY SOUTH to visit the donkey rescue to see the new donkeys recently recovered from a hoarder in Oklahoma. One of these donkeys is a donkey I am especially interested in meeting; he is the son of my recently adopted donkey, Wilby.

“Wilby” is the father to “Peabody”; Wilby joined our “herd” a few months ago.

He is named “Peabody”, this 5 month old donkey is the son of the my newest donkey, Willaby; Wilby for short. Mom was too pregnant with this baby to make the trip to Colorado when Wilby was relinquished last Fall. But through the pictures and knowing mom WAS with Wilby, Peabody’s resemblance to Wilby is uncanny!

When Peabody first came to the donkey rescue just before Christmas last year, I offered to sponsor him and all the new arrivals. The donkey rescue has the job of taming and training but also in providing dental, farrier, and vet care. It is the least I could do for “family”!

Receiving this eCard just MADE MY DAY! How thoughtful of the rescue to send this card to me! 

The rescue sent me an eCard wishing me a Happy Valentine’s Day. It was about the sweetest thing although I had already made plans to go see this new little donkey this weekend! I don’t know if we will adopt Peabody or not but I can’t wait to go meet him!

One of the things that has to happen before I can adopt Peabody is for Peabody to become weaned from his mother. He also needs to be castrated before being adopted. The time to have this done is soon so… heading down today to meet the little guy!

“Peabody” (and his mother, Daphne) at the donkey rescue. Daphne is watching us and protective of her baby!

February 19, 2019: What a wonderful day meeting ALL the new donkeys at the rescue. Because of the travel expense, trips to bring back donkeys are planned to “rescue” as many as possible in any given trip. So there were MANY new faces to meet and greet.

This is “Hatch”; another new arrival. I LOVE this donkey also… I wish I could adopt them all!

I always forget how cold the open plains are especially in winter. And windy too! Still, sitting with the donkeys, no one was cold. And while we acted almost disinterested, it didn’t take long for each of them to approach us in curiosity.

The donkeys were curious of us and soon came closer to investigate! (Peabody is in the center.)
It was a COLD day but filled with fun and LOTS of long ears! The babies all had blankets put on them as the winds picked up.

My plan IS to adopt Peabody. He will be a “burro buddy” with his father, Wilby. While Wilby does play with my other gelding, Jack, Jack IS bonded to my girl, Jill. Wilby follows them both around as part of the “herd” but having even numbers would be better for all of them. And… I have an empty stall and the space to give this new donkey a permanent home.

Baby “Frenchie” was born at the rescue. She is barely 2-months old and still has “floppy” ears!
Baby “Frenchie” and her mother, “Rizzio”

Today, the snow if falling here while I order two new “slow feeders” for Peabody. Slow feeders force each donkey to eat slower and not just the best hay first. Two feeders are needed because… I’m lazy! Hay is weighed according to the ideal body weight of each donkey. Weighing hay can be done once per day in the afternoons for both that evening feed and then that early morning feeding is ready to go. It just makes life a bit easier.

I’ve also since purchased “grain” for the baby AND his father, Wilby. Wilby is a bit underweight; a GOOD problem for any donkey! And the new baby will need supplementation for a while after he first gets here. Having that ready helps with the preparation of the new arrival.  I’m fortunate that I also have “help” lined up with the donkeys; resources, besides the rescue, that can help me with any questions that pop up to best provide for any of the donkey’s needs.

It’s a big committment to adopt a donkey but one I know I can do. I’m fortunate to “have help” with this endeavor!

Lastly, I’m going to change both Wilby and Peabody’s names. Donkeys are smart and DO learn their names so I want to make sure their names are ones I don’t mind yelling out across the pasture when calling them in for dinner! “Peabody” means “small body” which he certainly does have but it just isn’t very symbolic to me. And since we’ve only had Wilby a short while, he really doesn’t associate his name to himself as of yet. IF I was to change names, now is the time to do that!

So, I’m open to any names anyone might come up with! I’m specifically looking for “paired names” since Wilby and Peabody will become a bonded pair. The leading name(s), so far, that are both cute and that signify “a pair” are Mario (for Wilby) and Luigi (for Peabody). I just like that these small characters in the Nintendo games lead such LARGE lives. But any names suggested will be considered!

In the mean time, as the snow falls, I’m thinking of what else needs to be done to “get ready” for our new arrival. I/we are excited to be able to give this new donkey the best life possible!

~ Jennifer

This donkey is a permanent resident of the rescue. She has a larger-than-life personality! I believe she is in her mid 40’s? 

2 comments on “Donkey Day

    • Thank you, Trudy (and yes, I did rename them both Mario and Luigi! 😉

      I’m often made to feel “odd” by having these animals in my life so consequently I don’t speak of them often. I’ve decided to write “their” story and how they’ve changed “my” life… for the better. I would never have dreamed this would be my direction in life and yet now, looking back, I have been very blessed that my life did, in fact, change greatly! Mysterious ways indeed?! I hope you have a wonderful day today!! HUGS!! ❤


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