Jack and Jill… My Donkeys

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Jack and Jill are two donkeys that were adopted from a horse rescue in the midwest spring 2015. Jill is a pretty spotted miniature donkey who was handled a lot and is just the sweetest thing imaginable! Jack is an oversized miniature donkey (or small standard donkey) that was NOT handled or socialized very well at all! Coming from zero equine experience, I was a bit overwhelmed at the work ahead of me in not only socializing Jack in being handled but to also train both donkeys for common things they should know. I knew I needed to be able to handle both donkeys proficiently to be able to provide any type of care they might require. Fortunately, I had a lot of help along the way in learning equine husbandry and behavior. I needed it!

I’ve tried to upload several short video clips on YouTube to give the viewer a glimpse of our journey in living with these two donkeys. Jack has gone from being a feisty gelding who barely tolerated being led and one who definitely did not want to be touched to an incredibly compliant animal who loves all the attention anyone will bestow upon him! I attributed much of his progress to Jack’s innate intelligence; he is so incredibly smart, it is uncanny!


It wasn’t until April 2016 that I realized just how much these two donkeys had changed. They had gained not only weight but also muscle tone after living with us that first year. Their coats were healthy with a shine from being fed quality food and vitamin supplements. And their personalities had really blossomed from being the skittish donkeys they once were when they first arrived. Now, both are confident in their living arrangements, come when called, and bray when they see us. It was then that I decided to photo journal their first year living with us. My published photo book titled “Jack and Jill… Lessons In Life” chronicles their first year in Colorado and can be found on Amazon and Kindle. Proceeds from the sales of my book have been donated to our local donkey shelter in hopes to give other donkeys a second chance at a happy home.

I don’t know where our journey will lead? When I started out, I knew I could give these two unwanted animals a home but I had no idea just how much Jack would touch my heart! The reciprocal relationship we share has done more for me in coping with life’s curve balls then whatever care I’ve given these two animals. I am truly blessed to have these two donkeys in my life!

Jack and Jill… Lessons In Life