About Me…

I think like most people, I wear many different “hats”. One of my passions has always been well-bred dogs specifically Golden Retrievers. Operating under the kennel prefix “Jema”, I’ve been involved in my local and national Golden Retriever club for the last 30 years. My specific goal has been to train, show, and occasionally breed dogs that not only are conformationally correct but also those that encompass longevity (because they are never with us long enough); health (genetic testing is always done prior to any thought of breeding to ensure the healthiest puppies as possible) and with regards to temperament (the trademark of this wonderful breed). After breeding, training, and showing several generations, I am very proud of all the puppies related to “Jema Golden Retrievers“!


In addition to “going to the dogs”, I’m an avid photographer specializing in artistic renderings and pet photography that no doubt stems from my involvement in the dog show fancy. I take great pride in being able to capture an animal’s personality in a photo. And it is through photography that I’ve been able to evaluate a puppy or dog’s conformation especially when thinking about the next generation of dogs to be shown. A sampling of my work can be found under the tab, “Jemagold-Photography“. This will take you to a site where my photography can be printed in a variety of mediums along with printing on household items.


A third hat is my ongoing small business in Walnut Creek, a local artisan shop in Fort Collins, Colorado. Here, I display ready-to-hang artwork along with refinished furniture and curated home decor. Being one of the many vendors at Walnut Creek has allowed me to explore a more creative side and become a part of something much bigger then myself as part of the Walnut Creek family. If you are ever in Old Town Fort Collins, come check out the store… There truly is something for everyone with the many original creations offered for sale by such a large variety of vendors.


Now I’m the first to say that I am not a profound writer but I do enjoy blogging my experiences related to photography, my dogs, my artwork or… the small hobby farm we’ve established. Regardless of my topic, the subject usually stems from a deep, meaningful place to me that also includes my photography found under the blog tab “Focus On The Future“. Why “Focus On The Future”? I believe that as we live each day, good or bad, there is always a chance to do better tomorrow… In how we treat others, in how we treat ourselves, and in how we take care of this planet we all call home.


And if putting my experiences in writing or through my photography are not enough, I’ve also started a Youtube channel by the name of “Jemagold“. My playlists include not only my dogs or my latest curated items and photography for sale at Walnut Creek but also my hobby farm that includes chickens, goats and two rescued donkeys. Jack, my gelding donkey, means the world to me. His start in life began with people who didn’t value him very highly which hopefully has changed significantly since coming to live with me. Jack is one of my favorite photography subjects but he is also one of my favorite subjects to videotape. He communicates very clearly especially when people stop to listen to him. And there is something uniquely spiritual about our relationship. For anyone who thinks I’ve given Jack a “better life”, I would say he has improved MY LIFE in ways far greater than I could ever express. I feel incredibly blessed to have Jack in my life!


So regardless of how or why you’ve landed on this site, I invite you to explore the various tabs of the many hats I wear on a daily basis! Thanks in advance!!


Jennifer  ~ Jemagold