Busy Day and… More Ideas!

HUGE “Thank you” to my son, Andrew, for helping me customize my site. As a software engineer, he already has been a big help in getting my new site set up. Now, he is “writing code” to make a few pages look a bit better. Wherever this endeavor leads, this family time of exchanging ideas and creativity is time well spent not just for this site but also in “making memories” in working together for a common goal. I’m thankful for not only his expertise in working with me but also the enjoyment of having a child who wants to “give back” to help his mom! THANK YOU, ANDREW!!

I’ve also changed the name of my blog to “Focus On The Future” because really… that is what I’m doing. Looking ahead at plans and ideas, especially at this time of the year, I’m really looking forward to a fantastic 2017… wherever it may lead! This reminds me of my new puppy, Pixel. Her registered name is: Jema’s Focus On The Future so, in a way, this blog is named after her. Her registered name, as well as this blog, is exactly that. It is always better to look forward and be the change you want to be then dwelling on the “could have”/show have’s” of the past.

Meanwhile, at last night’s puppy class, Pixel was the star of the night! She continues to amaze me with her intelligence and quick learning of cues being taught. I feel blessed to have her in my life and look forward to many years living with this darling puppy/dog! Thanks, Pixel, for your inspiration!!


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