Oh What A Night!


Happy 30th Anniversary to me! Well, and to my husband too!! Thirty years?? Where does the time go? I remember walking down the aisle and saying “I do” like it was just yesterday. And then I remember the birth of my two children. There were play dates and soccer games every Saturday. Kindergarten graduation (and elementary and middle school afterwards. I don’t recall those events when I was growing up.) Birthday parties, their first car when they turned sixteen and of course, high school graduations. In a blink of an eye, it seems, these are events that mark our lives. For many, there were also childhood pets that accompanied their families on summer camping and hiking trips. Most were included in the annual family Christmas photo. Trying to get everyone to smile in front of the Christmas tree and hope the dog didn’t knock it over! These are the memories that mark time and what we will all look back on in later years through photography. No matter how busy life gets, remember to take photos! You’ll be glad you did later!!

My husband, Mark, has made an especially romantic gesture regarding our anniversaries. Every year, he buys me a rose for the number of years we have been married. That single white rose, the flower I carried on our wedding day, was such a sweet gesture that first year. Today, I have THIRTY long stem white roses in a beautiful vase; WOW! Marriage is a lot of work; I look at these roses and I remember the good times as well as the rough times. Still, we are still together and committed to living our lives together… to death do us part! That is unusual these days. I’m very grateful for the love and support of this man because I know I’m not the easiest person to live with!

Since this week’s photo theme is black and white, I thought the white roses would be a wonderful submission. As the saying goes, CHEERS!


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