Happy Easter!

Happy Easter or just Happy Day! No matter what you believe, I hope you have a great day today!

For me, I feel like I’ve been celebrating all weekend! Thursday I drove myself in to get my three-month x-rays after my spine fusion. I’m THRILLED to report that there IS bone growing along the “gutters” of my spine where they put in artificial bone to fill in the disc spaces. In other words, my spine IS healing!! I can’t begin to express my gratitude of this news! After having my disc fusion NOT heal after the first surgery, this has been my biggest fear… that I wouldn’t heal after the second surgery either! Oh sure, I still have a ways to go for complete healing; spine surgery takes FOREVER to completely heal but this is a start!

Screen Shot 2018-03-29 at 4.11.58 PM.png
Rods and screws: L4-L5 & L5-S1 disc spaces

And driving… this is something most of us take for granted! The bending and twisting (really, a LOT of twisting!) goes into driving! I’ve been “so good” to NOT twist to promote healing! I’ve not driven anywhere for the last THREE MONTHS! Driving myself to get this x-ray caused both anxiety and exhiliaration! But I did it! I had the music blasting and the sunroof down with my heated seats on high! Ahh… Good Times!

Brushing Jack! I remember when he wouldn’t let me come NEAR him with the brush! 

“Good Friday” was also a day of blessings. I got out to spend time with my wonderful donkeys, Jack and Jill. Being out at the barn is a feeling like no other. It is a world away from reality, it seems. I easily mucked the stalls and paddock; something else I’ve had a lot of help with these past few months because of the bending and lifting required. This was the second time since the surgery that I was able to bend to clean hooves. Being able to care for my two donks myself without causing myself great pain… Another blessing!

Picking Jill’s hooves to clean them

Jill is easy to do. She readily stands and offers her feet when asked for me to clean the crevices of her hooves. I did find a tiny stone stuck in her hoof wall and was able to pry it loose! That tiny stone, if left in her hoof, has the ability to cause huge problems later on so getting it out of her hoof… it felt like a huge victory for both of us! Jack, too, stood without moving allowing me to clean his hooves. Maybe it is because I expect Jack to stand still while I do this that he complied with my wishes? Hubby later told me that while he and the farrier are able to mess with Jack’s feet, he doesn’t stand as still for them as he does for me!  Ahh… Jack. He can be such a clown! I showed hubby how Jack allows me to use him to steady myself when walking! Jack positions himself close to me and allows me to push off his withers when rising or for just walking! Jack just intuitively helps me… Donkeys are amazing animals but Jack, he is just something else!

Jill LOVES to be brushed!

Brushing the donkeys is a never ending battle! They LOVE to take dust baths so are never really “clean”. Still, spring is coming and those thick winter coats are going to start shedding soon. Ahh… I remember a time when I couldn’t come close to Jack with a brush! He still doesn’t really “like” being brushed but he allows me to brush him everywhere after  a bit of theatrics of tossing his head and stomping of his feet.

Jack making “funny faces” at me! He TOLERATES my brushing him, LOL! 

On Saturday, Hubs and I got to the store to update my spaces. I spent this past week carefully picking out things: inventorying, pricing, tagging and bagging them to get them ready to take to the store. I can’t believe I fit EVERYTHING in my spaces! As I was taking down my Easter specific items, a grandmother approached me looking for an Easter basket she wanted for her grand-daughter. It was just perfect timing that I was there to show her a basket I had already packed to bring home! She bought this basket and also one of the bunny books I had for sale in my space. I threw in a little muslin mommy bunny with baby bunnies tucked in her apron. I hope this little girl will enjoy this stuffed toy when she receives it from her grandmother today!

One of my “new” items displayed is a rack of greeting cards. I had several of the photos I’ve been working on (I call it “therapy” while I’ve been healing) printed and filled this rack with my latest edited photos. All these photos (I think?) have been uploaded and are for sale on my photo web site at: jennifer-grossnickle.pixels.com

Blank greeting cards with my original, limited print artwork

In addition to my photo cards, so many other things were added to my space! So many unique items: such a fun store to shop!

Jemagold inside Walnut Creek (Old Town Fort Collins, Colorado)

My distressed blue chair has been used in a display at the front of the store! What a beautiful armoire!


Reflecting back on this particular weekend (and life in general), we all have so much to be grateful for: our health, our families, our friends, and most of all, our connection to one another! I hope that wherever you may be and whomever you are with, that you have a wonderful day today! Blessed to have this space to say this!

XOXO ~ Jennifer

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2 comments on “Happy Easter!

    • Thanks Nita! And more good news… I’ve been so worried about Murphy (there are downy feathers EVERYWHERE!) I just read/found out/realized that he is probably going through that baby molt! Was worried he was plucking 😦 I set up a humidifier by his cage and am still working on him “liking” to go in the shower but… It’s going to be a long process! I was feeling guility that I hadn’t provided enough for him but hoping now he is just having that first molt!


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