YEARS AGO, I bought a specialty lens to play with. Unfortunately, this lens has a fairly steep learning curve and I soon became frustrated and put the lens away for another time when I had the patience to really learn what it could do. That day was today when I remember my Lensbaby Velvet 56 lens!

The main problem I have with this lens is it requires manual focusing. With my older eyes, manually focusing presents some difficulties in of itself! On top of focus issues, it also creates spherical aberrations. In other words, the point of focus, regardless of the aperture used, is centered. For someone like myself who focuses an image and then moves the camera to frame my composition, well, this doesn’t work with this particular lens. There is a definite learning curve when using this lens!

Still, I thought it would be fun to try something different. My first “subject” was my little pot of succulents.

NEVER over-water a succulent! Too much water will kill the plant!

Meeting with a bit of success and still trying to figure out if I like the look of this lens, I tried shooting another little pot with succulents planted. I love this little donkey pot; I found it on Etsy about a year ago and just knew it would be a perfect home for a tiny plant:

I love this little donkey pot. And so does the little succulent growing in it!

Being more interested in “action” shots, I thought I would try shooting something that moved. My Zebra finch made not only the perfect subject but it also allowed me to use the macro feature of this lens (Zebra finches are very small; about 2 inches in height!)

A white female Zebra finch. Zebra finches come in many different colors!

This lens is known for its “velvet” blur reminiscent of film cameras from long ago. Besides preferring to shoot action shots, I also prefer tack sharp images. The “blur” is something I definitely need to get used to! Regardless, I am keeping this lens on my camera for a while and will continue to practice using it. It will probably never be my “go to” lens but for shooting a different style and learning something new, it has been fun! And seeing signs of spring… So excited for warmer weather and more flowers blooming!

I love my blooming crocus’! A sure sign spring is here!

XOXO, Jennifer





2 comments on “Lensbaby

  1. These are beautiful and unique, Jennifer. πŸ™‚ I especially love the zebra finch. I had no idea they are so small. I have a beautiful arrangement of succulents. A greenhouse worker told me they like to be neglected. I have a plant tester, and she said even if it says dry to still wait a couple of days. πŸ™‚ My cactus is the same way. Love and hugs to you!

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    • I NEED to be more “neglectful” of my succulents… I’ve learned the hard way they do NOT like too much water! I probably should get a plant tester too? I have a couple of zebra finches… It’s nice to hear birds “chirp” even throughout the winter πŸ™‚ HUGS to YOU, Trudy! (Again, feeling inspired by your thoughtful post today! ❀ )

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